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Self closing metered taps

Water saving self closing metered taps are used in a wide range of applications.  Especially in industrial applications where water saving forms part of the policy of the company. Self closing taps are also ideal for schools, sports arenas and public ablutions.  They are also often used in factories where workers need to operate tools with both hands while using water and the assurance that the water will shut off makes operation just easier.

The self closing metered taps will supply water for up to 8 seconds after which it will automatically close.

Metered taps differ from demand taps. Demand taps supply water when the tap button is pressed. Once it is released the valve shuts.

Self closing metered taps are used on the following industrial basins and wash troughs

  • Oval A – (WC-420, WC-220 and WC-100R)
  • Oval B – (WC-420, WC-220 and WC-100R)
  • Oval D – (WC-420, WC-220 and WC-100R)
  • CHBC combination sluice sinks – (WC-420, WC-220 and WC-100R)
  • All wash troughs – (WC-101R)
  • FSW & FSWSB industrial hand wash basins (WC-101R)
  • Undercounter hand wash basin – (WC-420, WC-220 and WC-100R)
  • SIRX range of combination wash troughs – (WC-101R)

Diagrams of the various self closing metered taps are found below

WC-420 Self closing pillar tap – Cold or premixed water only


WC-420 – Diagram


WC-220 Self closing pillar tap – Cold or premixed water only

deck mounted metered industrial tap


walcro self closing metered tap model 220

Walcro 220 self closing pillar tap

WC-100R Metered self closing – Cold or premixed water only

Deck mounted metered pillar tap industrial

Self closing water saving pillar tap

walcro 100R metered self closing pillar tap industrial

Walcro 100R self closing pillar tap

WC-101R – Self closing wall bib tap

wall mounted metered bib tap walcro 101r water saving self closing

Boot washing self closing bib tap

walcro wall mounted metered self closing tap

Walcro 101R wall mounted self closing bib tap

GR-PLR-MTR-HC – Self closing metered tap with hot/cold mixing

The metered pillar tap with temperature control is unique. Most industrial and commercial metered taps provide either cold water or pre-mixed water with an external thermostatic valve like the  Rada Meynell 15/3, Grohtherm Micro or Solar Mixing valve.  This metered pillar tap has internal hot and cold water temperature regulation that saves money and reduces installed components. It makes installation much easier.

The GR-PLT-MTR is the same tap but without hot and cold mixing. So it uses cold water only or pre-mixed water with a thermostatic valve.

The pillar tap can only be used with pressurized geysers. Gravity fed geysers will not work as the minimum operating pressure is 0.5 bar. A gravity geyser coupled with a pressure pump will also work.

metered pillar tap thermostatic hot cold setting

A modern metered pillar tap with hot and cold mixing option. GR-PLR-MTR-HC