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Drain cleaning unblocking tools

The professional range of drain cleaning tools by Rothenberger are manufactured to last longer with less maintenance.  Most of the tools have various accessories to expand its capabilities even further.  Drain cleaning and unblocking tools are suitable for mining, hospital, clinics and food processing industries that require robust and professional grade tools sets.  These institutions do not tolerate long down times and the tools help the professional to get the job done quickly.  Drain cleaning and unblocking tools come in two categories; manual operated and electrical. The Rospi models are the only ones that can be operated electrically or manually.

Ropower Handy

Manual drain cleaning for pipes between 50 – 100 mm.  The Ropower is a universal manual drain cleaner for fast clearance of obstructions within 2.3 m of entry point. Comes with a 2.3m spiral cable (without plastic core).


  • Spiral cable with plastic core 2.3m long: RB-72490
  • Manual crank: RB-71976
  • Spade head cutter 35mm (Included): RB-72169
  • Large range of front augers to select.
  • Safety gloves (Included): RB-H81401
  • Separating pin (Included): RB-72100
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16 mm 2.3m spiral wire
Pipe diameter 20-100 mm

WC-Blitz RO-3 Toilet Auger

The WC-Blitz RO-3 Toilet auger is designed to be as flexible as possible to reach into difficult places.  It comes with a tough cleaning bulb auger and extendable handle to reach not more than 1m into the drain pipe.  The front universal bulb auger is designed not to damage ceramic piping.

  • WC- Blits RO3 complete with spiral: RB-78551
  • WC-Blitz RO-3 complete with tool coupling: RB-1500001324
toilet drain cleaner unblocker

RO-3 Toilet Auger
1m Spiral length with T-Groove coupling (RB-1500001324) Optional.

Rospi H+E Plus Ø 20-50 mm

Professional manual and electrical drain cleaning unit. Clean and comfortable removal of obstructions in kitchen, bath, toilets or drainage openings with drain cleaning spiral.


  • Removal of sinks and siphon filters is not necessary
  • Switch from manual to electrical use within seconds
  • Secure hold even at higher speeds during drill operation
  • Impact-resistant and protected from dirt contamination
  • Hexagonal drive for conventional power drills
  • Pipe diameter: Ø 20 – 50 mm
  • Spiral length varies per model.
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Rospi 6 H+E Plus 4.5m – RB72090
Rospi 8 H+E Plus 7.5m – RB72095
Rospi 10 H+E Plus 10m – RB72005


ROSPIMATIC Electrical pipe and drain cleaning machine up to Ø 50 mm Powerful and quick removal of tough obstructions in access lines with the one-of-a kind spiral forward and reverse system without changing the rotational direction.

  • Switch between forward and reverse under full-load without the need to change the motor rotational direction is possible, which makes obstruction removal faster
  • The spiral drive can be combined with 3 different cleaning tools, more efficient operation
  • Spiral locking mechanism with torque control enables an optimal reverse of the spiral
  • Enclosed spiral container prevents contamination by reversal of the spiral
  • The flexible protective hose prevents the surrounding from soiling with spray water
Rospimatic specifications
Pipe diameter Ø 20-50 mm
Bulb auger Ø 8 mm x 7.5 m
Dimensions (without spiral): 560 x 200 x 320 mm
Weight (with 8 mm spiral) Ø 20-250 mm
Max: steel thickness 5 kg
Power rating 650 W
Drill speed 0 – 915 /min

Optional tool set 4

electric drill operated drain cleaner

Rothenberger Rospimatic electric drill operated drain pipe cleaner
RB-78576 – Incl. 8mm 7.5m spiral
RB-72942 – Optional tool set 4



Manual drain Cleaner Type 3 S – Ø 40 – 100 mm

The Type 3S is an industrial portable manual drain pipe cleaner.  Ideally used in hospitals, clinics, schools, factories and mines.  It comes with spirals Ø 13 mm x 15 m with 16 mm coupling to which a fast number of augers can be mounted. This is an affordable drain cleaner for professional industrial use. Set includes (No. 72003): Manual drain cleaner Type 3 S (No. 72003), spirals Ø 13 mm x 15 m (No. 72016), cross-blade cutter Ø 35 mm (No. 72176) and separating pin (No. 72100).


  • Flexible use with a wide range of applications For use with all ROTHENBERGER drain cleaning tools with 16 mm couplings
  • Cleaning unit with stand makes manual operation easy.
  • Plastic spiral drum Corrosion-proof and impact-resistant
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Type 3S manual drain cleaner