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Electric pipe cutting tools

Electric pipe cutting tools are an indispensable tool where pipes are installed either in the ground or buildings.  Rothenberger pipe cutting tools allow industrial installers to cut a variety of materials such as steel, stainless steel, plastic, copper, aluminium and even cast iron. These industrial tools are made of the highest quality and are designed to withstand heavy industrial use. Each pipe cutting tool has a variety of accessories from blades to jigs that help with the accuracy of cutting. Accurate pipe cutting is essential in industrial applications as it reduces wastage and costly repair work after installation.

Rothenberger Pipecut Turbo 250 & 400

electric pipe cutter cutting rothenberger saw

Pipecut Turbo 250
Electrical pipe cutter with Ø 20-250 mm

electric pipe cutters cutting rothenberger saw

Pipecut Turbo 400
Electrical pipe cutter with Ø 80-400 mm


Rotiger Vario Electronic Industrial hand pipe saw

electric pipe saw cutter


electric pipe saw cutter


Industrial pipe cutter bandsaw: Portacut 185 BSR / BSP


band saw pipe cutter electric

Light and precise. Ideal for use on building sites and workshops. Cuts pipes up to 180 mm. Used with chain quick-grip system.

Light and precise. Ideal for use on building sites and workshops. Cuts pipes up to 180 mm. Comes with parallel vice.

Angle iron pipe cutter : Trennboy 300

The Trennboy 300 makes large pipe cutting easy.  Maximum pipe diameter 300 mm. For cutting of SML cast iron /steel pipes up to Ø 300 mm, profiles / solids up to Ø 70 mm. For use with market-standard angle grinders and cut-off wheels Ø 230 mm.

Key features

  • For quick, precise, right-angled cutting
  • Basic model with right and left telescopic extension
  • Extendable to a total support length of 1,680 mm
  • Mountable as desired with “C“ clamp
  • Easy mounting of the angle grinder with the toggle screw
Rothenberger TRENNBOY 300 58520 angle grinder pipe cutting stabilizer

TRENNBOY 300 (No. 58520) with double telescoping extension rail, right (No. 58527) and left (No. 58528), “C“ Clamp (No. 58529) Angle grinder and cut-off wheel (not included in delivery)