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Rotiger Vario Electronic

Powerful and quick pipe cutting universal saw for the professional use during installation, demolition and repair work. The special chain tensioning device enables precise 90° cuts on all types of pipes. Ideal for freehand pipe cutting of wood (even with nails), steel, stainless steel, cast iron, steel plate, metal pipes and profiles, plastic and building materials. Flush to wall cutting in confined spaces, such as in shafts or when working overhead is also possible.

electric pipe saw cutter

Rotiger Vario Electronic

Rotiger Vario Electronic
Order code RB-ROTIGER
Dimensions 491 x 94 x 108 mm
Weight 4.35 kg
Speed 0 – 2200 rpm adjustable
Distance 26 mm
Blade type Universal, U-Shaft 7 Special
Handle Straight type
Power 1500 W
Stroke 26 mm (1″)
Voltage 230 V, 50/60 Hz
electric pipe saw cutter

Universal Rotiger Vario Electronic

Rotiger Vario Universal
Order code RB-ROTIGER-U
Dimensions 491 x 94 x 108 mm
Weight 3.70 kg
Speed 1000 – 2800 rpm adjustable
Distance 26 mm
Blade type Universal
Handle D-Handle type
Power 1600 W
Stroke 26 mm (1″)
Voltage 230 V, 50/60 Hz

What makes the Rothenberger Rotiger Vario an industrial pipe cutter

  • A wide range of cutting blades available; Universal, U-Shaft, special pipe blades
  • Electronic speed adjustment on top of the chassis. Important for cutting various materials with different types of blades.
  • Double insulation of the body. Protects the inside of the tool against moisture. These tools are used on site in dusty to high humid conditions and needs extra protection.
  • The saw blade attachment in front of the tool is made for industrial heavy use.
  • The standard model has space for a chain tensioning device for safe pipe cutting
  • The carbon brushes can easily be replaced from the side of the tool
  • A strong carrying case is standard for both models.
rothenberger industrial carrying case

Industrial strength carrying case

Chain tensioning device

Chain tensioning device helps with stability

pipe cutting saw blades

L and U shaped pipe cutting saw blades

chain tensioning device pipe cutting saw hand

2-in-1 Chain tensioning device for precise pipe cutting

confined space cutting rothenberger

Working in confined spaces made easier