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Industrial Pipecut Turbo 250/400 electrical pipe cutter

The Rothenberger Portable Pipecut Turbo 250/400 is suitable for cutting different pipe materials and pipe diameters from Ø 20 – 400 mm. The Pipecut models cuts pipes made of steel, copper, cast iron, aluminium, stainless steel and plastic. Both models come with electronic speed adjustment for different pipe materials. Laser indicator for an exact alignment of the blade. LED illuminated cutting area. Modular system – fast and easy change of the clamping system.  Overload indicator for optimal cutting speed.

electric pipe cutter cutting rothenberger saw

Pipecut Turbo 250 pipe cutter
For cutting pipes with Ø 20-250 mm made of stainless steel, copper, iron, plastic and aluminium


Pipecut Turbo 250
Order code RB-PCT250
Dimensions 223 x 235 x 410 mm
Weight 8.3 kg
Pipe diameter Ø 20-250 mm
Max: steel thickness 8 mm
Max: PVC thickness 20 mm
Cable length 3 m
Power 1 400 W
Disc diameter 140 – 165 mm max
Coupling diameter 62 mm
electric pipe cutters cutting rothenberger saw

Pipecut Turbo 400 pipe cutting tool
For cutting pipes with Ø 80-400 mm made of stainless steel, copper, iron, plastic and aluminium


Pipecut Turbo 400
Order code RB-PCT400
Dimensions 223 x 285 x 550 mm
Weight 10.2 kg
Pipe diameter Ø 80-400 mm
Max: steel thickness 8 mm
Max: PVC thickness 20 mm
Cable length 3 m
Power 1400 W
Disc diameter 140 -165 mm max
Coupling diameter 62 mm


Rothenberger Pipecut Turbo 250

electric industrial pipe cutter steel plastic copper aluminium

Rothenberger Pipecut Turbo 400

Key features that makes the Pipecut Turbo suitable for industrial use

  • The blade cover is detachable so removing accumulated particle dust is easy and makes operation safer. The less sawdust inside the cover the easier can the cutting blade rotate.
  • The Pipecut Turbo is fitting with a laser indicator making cutting extremely accurate. The more accurate you can cut the less wastage you have and more profit in your pocket.
  • The clamping system has a fine-adjustment screw making accurate 90° cuts. This is extremely important in industrial pipe cutting since there cannot be space between joins.
  • The pipe cutter comes with a LED light shining on the surface that must be cut.  Very hand when cutting dark material such as PVC or dark copper pipes.
  • The Rothenberger Pipecut Turbo is designed to be modular, so only the clamping system must be changed when adjustments need to be made.
  • The pipe cutter is fitted with an industrial overload sensor to protect the electronic system. Load is indicated with a green/red light that is easy visible when cutting pipes.
  • A handy carrying bag is included to transporting the Pipecut Turbo to site is made easier.
rothenberger variable speed pipe cutter

Speed can be controlled electronically to suit cutting material and blade

rothenberger pipe cutter tool

Cutting dark pipes made easier with LED light

rothenberger laser pipe cutter

Laser indicator makes pipe cutting extremely accurate

rothenberger pipecut 250

Clamping system is easy to change