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Air testing of leaks in gas and water lines2017-04-19T11:05:24+00:00

Rothenberger Rotest® GW 150/4

The Rotest GW 150/4 is a specialized tool for testing water and gas leaks in pipes using air as medium. The reading is done via a water column without the need of electronic equipment. This is especially important in closed off areas where electronic equipment can be hazardous. Maximum pressure testing at 4 bar with water column 150 mbar. Accuracy is ±0.1 bar. The Rotest GW 150/4 comes in a sturdy case with tools protected with a foam inlay.

The tool is suitable for the following applications:


  • Load and leakage test for newly installed gas lines
  • Leakage test from propane liquid gas lines / low pressure liquid gas lines
  • Adjustment of the duct pressure on atmospheric burners and forced-air burners
  • Testing of the appliance connection pressure on gas appliances


  • Pre-testing and testing of newly installed drinking water ines in accordance with DIN 1988 (TRW)
rothenberger gas air water pipes leak test analogue

Professional tool for testing gas and water leaks with air.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The ROTEST GW 150/4 test instrument and its components (included in carrying case) should only be operated by skilled personnel competent in gas and water supply engineering in particular in leakage tests for pipes and containers. All tests must be carried out in accordance with the present instructions