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Sewerage pipe leak detection

The house connection test set is used for testing underground water piping using an air balloon.  Suitable for pipe diameters of 65 mm to 250 mm.  Maximum operating pressure is 1.5 bar with a pushrod length of 10 m. Testing of sewage pipes for leaks is not only important for hygiene, but it is very expensive to dig up pipes and repair them.  A simple but robust test system can avoid time wasted to fix leaking sewage pipes.

Key features are:

  • Handy set: One testing and sealing balloon for the most common pipe diameters (included in set are diameters 75 – 150 mm, additional balloons available in accessories)
  • Easier positioning of the balloon, even in hard to reach places using various push and filling rod sizes
  • Body material is made out of aluminium and eases the positioning of the testing balloon through the pipe system
  • Sturdy balloons made of natural rubber are temperature, use and waste water resistant. If the balloon becomes damaged, a simple repair is possible
rothenberger Sewage leak detection tool tester balloon

Sewerage pipe leak detection set with robust case for portability.