Ozone air purifier

Ozone is an internationally used oxidant for the neutralization of bacteria, viruses, odours, bad smells, pollen, tobacco smoke, molds, mildew, mite faeces and chemicals in the air we breathe. This unit cleverly uses ozone to eliminate these toxins in all kinds of environments. it is extensively used in hospitals, clinics, doctors rooms, food processing factories and schools.  It is safe us use in residential homes such as living rooms and kitchens. It is not an air cleaner. So it will not remove dust particles from the air.


  • Chemical resistant polypropylene plastic
  • Output – 350 mg / hour
  • Coverage – one unit will cover an area of 300 m³
  • Wall mounting fittings supplied
  • Dimensions: 265mm x 100mm x 100mm


  • Robust, high impact resistant
  • Operational interval and time switches to regulate according to the situational requirements
  • 100% safe for areas that air purification is needed but chemicals are not advisable
  • Perfect for medical, school or office environments
  • Interchangeable filter that protects the unit from dust coming into contact with corona which also increases the life of the unit
  • Unified look and feel with a range of dispensers
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Ozone air purifier & sanitiser

Ozone dispenser
Order code CL-00029
Dimensions 240 x 85 x 279mm
Volume 1 unit covers 300 m³
Finish White only
Consumables Ecozein Ozonator Filter refills


We do not carry stock of this item. They are made on order. Lead time is ±2 weeks.