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Plastic pipe cutting


ROCUT 110 / ROCUT 160

Plastic pipe cutting and chamfering tool for right-angled cutting and chamfering (15°), Ø 32 – 160 mm. Suitable for thin and thick-walled PVC, PE, PP, PEX, PB and PVDF pipes, as well as sound-insulated drain pipes. Utmost precision in a single operation.


  • Only one tool required for cutting, chamfering and deburring
  • Extremely long service life with optimum cutting geometry
  • Special accessories for PE, PP, PEX, PB and sound-insulated pipes
  • Uniform chamfering of the entire pipe circumference
  • Continuously adjustable pipe clamping pressure
  • Integrated internal deburrer is stored in the handle
  • Pipe cutting also possible without chamfering, as cutter blade shaft can be mounted with 180° offset
Rocut 110 set

Rocut 110 set

Rocut 160 set

Rocut 160 set

plastic pipe cutting

Basic unit Ø 32 – 110 mm
For use with clamping sets Ø 32 – 100 mm, without internal deburrer, with standard cutter blade shaft and cutter blade (No. 55029).Includes clamping set (1 set = 2 semi-circular segments)

ROCUT 110 Set (No. 55035) / (No. 55037) includes: ROCUT 110 (No. 55020), internal ® ® deburrer (No. 55018), clamping set 50, 75 and 110 mm, with standard cutter blade shaft and cutter blade insert (No. 55029), cutter wheel (No. 54950) (for sound-insulated pipes), plastic carrying case (No. 55016), with Set (No. 55037) is No. 55029 not included

plastic pipe cutter

Basic unit Ø 32 – 110 mm
Cutter blade shaft with automatic copying and cutter blade (No. 5.5019), for use with clamping sets Ø 110 – 140 mm, without internal deburrer. Includes clamping set (1 set = 2 semi-circular segments)

ROCUT 160 Set (No. 55063) includes: ROCUT 160 (No. 55030), internal deburrer ® ® (No. 55018), 2 clamping sets, cutter blade shaft with copying and, HM cutter blade insert (No. 55019), plastic carrying case (No. 55017

hand held plastic pipe cutter

Hand held plastic pipe cutting

Using a parallel vice for cutting

pipe cutting wheel

Rocut 110 cutter wheel-optional

Rocut 160 with cutter blade

Rocut 160 with cutter blade


Pipe cutter for pipes Ø 125 – 315 mm. For cutting-off pipes in trenches, for making repairs or extensions. Can be easily adjusted anywhere at the pipe. Robust blade made of stainless steel

hand held plastic pipe cutter guillotine

ROCUT XL 125: <125mm ø
ROCUT XL 225: <225mm ø
ROCUT XL 315: <315mm ø
Rothenberger plastic pipe cutter Rocut xl 125/225/315

An optimised cutting angle for easier pipe cutting. The lower clamp can be folded out completely. Therefore ROCUT XL can be used at any desired position of the pipe

Rocut UKS 160/355 electrical plastic pipe cutter with circular saw

High-performance orbital circular saw Ø 160 – 355 mm For cutting of plastic pipes made of PE, PP and PVC For use on the building site or in the workshop. Rubberised guide rollers ensures no misalignment while cutting. Central clamping tool on top ensures pipe centering no matter what pipe thickness.


  • Right-angled cuts with no misalignment
  • Efficient and economical operation with high cutting speed
  • Safe operation with saw blade guard
  • Optimum pipe centering

Technical specifications

  • Voltage: 230 V 50 / 60 Hz
  • Power: 1,750 W No. 55505
  • Outer pipe diameters: 160 – 355 mm
  • Wall thickness pipe: 8 – 40 mm


electrical plastic pipe cutter orbital saw clamp

Rothenberger plastic pipe cutter Rocut UKS 160/355 electrical pipe cutter

Ordering information

  • ROCUT UKS 160 / 355, complete with HM saw blade (No. 55505), without transport box: RO-1000000532
  • Spare HM saw blade 180 x 30 mm: RO-55505
  • Transport box 700 x 350 x 500 mm: RO-1200000526