Plastic toilets

Viking AP-587 plastic toilet pan

Plastic toilets are ideal for public ablutions, factories, mines, hostels, schools, sports arenas, prisons and hospitals. Suitable for paraplegic installations. The plastic toilet pan model AP-587 is designed for high vandal installations. It is suitable for concealed type flush mechanisms such as in wall flush valves or duct systems. T The plastic toilet pan has no mould joins, so it is ligature free which makes it so much stronger. There is thus also no chance that cracks can appear due to joins tearing apart. The seat is moulded-in. This reduces maintenance cost. These toilets are suitable for container or mobile installations. All toilets come with a 5 year manufacturing defect warranty. These toilets are much safer than ceramic toilets. When ceramics crack or break the edges pose significant health risk to users.

africa plastic toilet pan white

AP-587 – White
AP-586 – Black or granite colour
Plastic toilet pan

plastic toilet pan dimensions size


Optional extras

  • W-106B back entry toilet flush valve – Exposed type
  • W-107LP or W-107HP concealed in wall flush mechanism
  • W-106C-SS prison type duct concealed flush valve
  • G.AP123-SG Plastic cistern
  • G.AP123 plastic cistern with Pneumatic actuator for concealed duct installations


back entry exposed flush valve for plastic toilets

Back entry exposed flush valve

flush valve toilet walcro africa supplier concealed vandal proof

The 107 range is installed into a wall with a box for easy maintenance.

WC-106C-SS prison flush valve

25 mm Concealed duck type flush valve for prison type toilets with extended inlets. Comes with stainless steel sleeved button.

Plastic toilets with cistern

Model AP-570-APS is a close couple plastic toilet with cistern. It is a all-in-one design. The cistern and toilet are moulded together so they cannot be taken apart. This reduces maintenance cost and eliminates problems such as leaking cistern and pan joins. This design simplifies the installation process significantly.

plastic close couple toilet integrated cistern

AP-570-APS – Super white
AP-570 – Black or granite colour
Close couple toilet with integrated plastic cistern. Seat not included.

plastic close couple pedestal toilet size dimensions

AP-570 diagram

Available flush mechanisms for plastic toilets:
  • AP-017502 Dutton CCFF1 UNIV CC Bibi Front Flush Cistern Mechanism
  • AP-017508 Dutton CCDF UNIV CC Dual Flush 2 Cistern Mechanism
  • AP-006824 Parker Hibiscus Paraplegic F/F LL Mechanism