Plastic urinals

Viking plastic urinals – AP-509 and AP-508

Plastic urinals are the most affordable option for affordable vandal resistant and safe installations. The AP-509 and AP-508 is designed to protect the p-trap that often is broken by vandals. The AP-509 is a super white plastic urinal and the AP-508 comes in black and granite colours. The small mini p-trap is optional since you can use your own traps. Quite often installers prefer installing the p-trap in a duct for extreme protection against vandals. The great advantage of these plastic urinals is that they can be used with a waterless urinal waste.

Optional extras
  • AP-001304 Vaal VL-8541Z000 Back Entry Lavatera Spreader & Tailpipe
  • AP-001305 Vaal VL-8542Z000 Top Entry Lavatera Spreader & Tailpipe\
  • AP-002288 Flatback CP Urinal Spreader Only VL-8543Z000
  • AP-496 Waterless Urinal Waste 40mm
  • AP-001574 40mm PVC Urinal Waste Fitting 85mm Shank
  • AP-000402 Flexi ā€œPā€ Mini Trap Plain 40×40



plastic urinal white

AP-509 – White
AP-508 – Coloured
Plastic urinal without plumbing fittings


Optional flush valves

Urinal flush valve with wall plate

Concealed back entry urinal flush valves

urinal flush valve concealed walcro 107

The Walcro 107CHP-UR urinal built-in boxed flush valve. Ideal when the ability to access the valve is important.