Small shower geyser

Small shower geysers or instant hot water geysers for showers are ideal for small flats, old homes or new installations where a large geyser is to far away. The small shower geyser saves significantly more cost than large units. The new range of shower water heaters have so many benefits over conventional geysers that many new homes and flats are now installed with these units.

Features of small shower geysers

  • They come in different colours
  • they have anti-scalding technology with auto cutoff thermostat
  • 5-in-1 chrome accessories
  • Works in low pressure areas
  • Maintenance free copper tank
  • ELSD – Protection agains electrical leakage
  • Splash proof (IP25)
  • Easy and safe to operate

Easy controls

Electrical Safety Device

Flow control valve with filter

Shower geysers
Model SE-IS45-E SE-IS60-E
Nominal capacity (L) 0.45 0.45L L
System designC Open outlet Open outlet
Rated pressure (bar) 0 0
Water connection (mm) 15 15
Recommended circuit breaker (A)  30 35
Electrical connection (V)  230 230
Rated current (A) 4.9 – 21.3 6.6 – 28.7
Dimensions (cm)  35 x 21 x 10  35 x 21 x 10
External valve Yes Yes
5 in 1 Shower head Yes Yes
Shower slide bar Yes Yes
instant small geyser shower water heater flats mini

SE-IS45-E and SE-IS60-E

A new range of colours are now available