Zip Hydrotap G4

ZIP Hydrotap I G4 BC (for 14-16 Boiling Cups and 9 Filtered Chilled Glasses):

ZIP HydroTap I G4 BC (#2610037) undercounter instant filtered boiling and chilled water unit. Tap to contain dual boiling and chilled water levers, with child safety lock (when activated). Unit to be equipped with Power-Pulse technology, Air-cooled system and programmable 24/7 timer, including a factory fitted triple action water conditioning filtration system. HydroTap to be supplied with a font and drainer (Optional )Unit to be installed in accordance with manufacturer’s installation instruction manual.

ZIP Hydrotap II G4 BC (for 22-25 Boiling Cups and 18 Filtered Chilled Glasses):

ZIP HydroTap II G4 BC (#2610038) undercounter instant filtered boiling and chilled water unit. Tap to contain dual boiling and chilled water levers, with child safety lock (when activated). Unit to be equipped with Power-Pulse technology, Air-cooled system and programmable 24/7 timer, including a factory fitted triple action water conditioning filtration system. HydroTap to be supplied with a font and drainer (Optional). Unit to be installed in accordance with manufacturer’s installation instruction manual.

Zip hydrotap ii g4 bcs (for 8-10 boiling cups and 8 sparkling filtered chilled glasses):

ZIP HydroTap G4 BCS (#2610041) undercounter instant filtered boiling and sparkling chilled water unit.  The BCS unit comes with a tap with two levers that provides instant boiling water and chilled sparkling water. A child safety lock is also included and must be activated. The BCS operates on the same principle as the other G$ HydroTap units.  Additional CO2 Gas cartridge can also be ordered with order code FR-2330332. The G4 BCS is a residential unit while the G4 BC are commercial type units.

zip hydrotap installation 2017 models

Standard Zip Hydrotap G7 new range.

zip hydrotap below counter water boilers

Zip Hydrotap boiling water switch and cold or ambient water switch.

zip hydrotap safety switch

Zip HydroTap comes with mechanical safety switch so it makes it safe with children

zip hydroboil G4 installation diagram

Installation of the Hydrotap unit under the counter

zip hydroboil G4 BCS installation diagram under counter

Basic connection diagram of the Zip HydroTap models

Zip Hydrotap Miniboil Elite (Boiling water only)

The Zip Hydrotap MiniBoil Elite is designed for residential use and provides boiling water and ambient tap water (filtered). The touch-pad controlled Zip MiniBoil is a compact alternative when only boiling and ambient filtered drinking water is required. Fitted with the superior Zip 0.2 micron filtration system, your whole family will love the taste of the crystal-clear boiling and ambient water. The MiniBoil Elite can be ordered with the following product code: FR-2610042.

Zip Hydrotap miniboil elite south africa

Zip Hydrotap Miniboil Elite

zip hydrotap miniboil elite font africa supplier

MiniBoil Elite: By pressing the tap backwards, it locks into place supplying a continuous flow of boiling water for filling pots.

Zip Hydrotap Mini-boil Elite installation diagram

Basic installation diagram of the Zip Hydrotap Miniboil Elite designed for residential homes.

Zip HydroTap Models and specifications

Product CodeModelFeaturesBoiling cupsChilled GlassesElement Rating (kW)
2610037Hydrotap I GA BCFiltered boiling & Chilled14-1692.4
2610038Hydrotap II GA BCFiltered boiling & Chilled22-25182.4
2610041Hydrotap G4 BCSFiltered boiling & Chilled sparkling8-1082.4
2610040Hydrotap G4 BAFiltered boiling & Ambient12-14-2.4
2610042Hydrotap Miniboil EliteFiltered boiling & Ambient7-8-2.4

Features of the Zip Hydrotap G4 under counter taps

1. Minimal energy costs: With “Sleep Mode” active for 10 hours in 24, standby power costs are less.

2. Air-cooled, not water-cooled: To conserve water, the under-sink system is air cooled instead of water cooled, therefore eliminating water waste.

3. Sleeps when inactive: Can be pre-set to power-down after 2 or 4 hours of non-use, maintaining boiling water at a hygienic temperature of >64°C. Recovers to pre-set boiling temperature when re-used.

4. Power-PulseTM technology: New energy-saving technology applies full power to heat boiling water only during periods of heavy use. Cuts back to micro-pulse power during light usage periods or when unused. Also maintains boiling water temperature more precisely than ever achievable before.

5. Programmable 24/7 timer: Can disconnect the power to preset periods during the day, evening or weekends – caters for two on/off cycles daily for each seven-day period.

6. Two year warranty

Zip Hydrotap installation.


Must be installed by a qualified plumber in accordance with instructions supplied with the product and with South African plumbing regulations. Water supply must be potable (drinkable), and deliver at least 2 litres per minute at a minimum dynamic pressure of 70kPa. If static pressure exceeds 600kPa, a pressure reducing valve must be fitted. An isolating valve must be installed between the water supply and the under-sink system. The under-sink system must be located directly beneath the tap – max up to 1000mm away. Under-sink tubing must be taut for proper drainage – and never be looped or coiled.


Plugged to a 15 amp GPO within 1000 mm. Power supply – 220 V to 240 V AC 50/60 Hz. Install in accordance with South African safety regulations.


The under-sink system must be installed with ventilation clearances 50 mm left and right, 220 mm above and 65 mm rear. The cupboard containing the under-sink system must be amply ventilated. Buffers supplied must be fitted to the inside of cupboard doors to prevent flush closure, creating an undetectable 4 mm airspace around each door.

zip hydroboil filter box

Filter is tucked away inside under-sink

zip hydrotap

The Zip Hydrotap I and II font. Installed below the tap. Waste water is channeled into the drain under the countertop. The font unit is optional. Part number #480643

Zip Hydrotap Font

The Zip Hydrotap I and II comes with an optional font.  The font channels waste water into a drain which is connected to the sink outlet under the counter top. Ideal option if you want a clean work surface. The font is not required when installing the unit on top of a kitchen sink. However, it is recommended when installing directly on a kitchen work surface or on a bar counter, one should also install the font.

For residential use we recommend the Zip Hydrotap  MinBoil Elite, which is more affordable with only slightly less capacity.

The Zip Hydrotap G4 BA is designed for boiling water and ambient water only and the Zip Chilltap is for cold water only.

The ChillMaster freestanding and wall hung are ideal for public area supplying chilled water to customers. Mostly used in schools, sports centres and community halls.

Zip GlobalPlus™ Water Filtration and standard filters

Water filtration is used in areas where white deposits are found around the tap spout, shower heads and small droplets found on sinks and inside of your shower.  This is an indication of very high concentration of salts in your water making it “hard”.  You will also notice that it is difficult for your water to foam once washing soap in added. The amount of scale and salts removed will depend on the amount that is in the water and the combination thereof.  Using the Zip GlobalPlus water filtration in your kitchen and even bathroom will extend the life of your plumbing and appliances such as water heaters and kettles.  The system does not allow enough water to flow through for use with showers and baths.

Sub-micron – Standard

Sub-micron filtration is standard and has the added benefit of removing micro-organisms such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia. Not suitable for areas with excessively high levels of sediment in the water supply as this may require the filter to be changed more frequently than practical. In such areas, a five-micron filter may be substituted. Order code: 2330160 / 480577 replacement cartridge (new / old codes).

Five-micron – optional

The five-micron filter gives great tasting water because it removes general contaminants and sediment, plus chlorine taste and odour, but will not filter out parasites such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia. Order code: 2330197 / 480633 replacement cartridge (new /old codes).

Superior filtration

The single built-in triple-action sub-micron water filter:

  1. Removes micro-organisms as tiny as one thousandth of a millimeter.
  2. Reduces chlorine and other contaminants.
  3. Removes particulates contaminating the water supply.
  4. Inhibits mineral-scale accumulation in the boiling water storage tank.
  5. Provides great-tasting, crystal-clear boiling and chilled drinking water.
  6. Does not filter out minerals or any fluoride added to the water supply.

The water filtration system is recommended for

Water filtration must be used in hard water areas to reduce scale build up and prolong element and thermostat life span.

The following table explains the various filters available for the various Zip systems.

Order codeOld codeNew codeDescriptionApplies to
FR-23302764809622330276Zip Global Plus water Filtration Kit complete with head, fexihoses, flter, non-return valve, Restrict-A-Flow valve
FR-23302744809602330274Zip Global Plus Water Filtration Cartridge (0.2 Micron-11.356 Litres Filtration at 3.8 Litres per minute)
FR-23302754809612330275Zip Global Plus Filter Head plus fexihoses
FR-23303074901142330307Inline Zip Water Purifcation Kit complete with Filter Cartridge, Bulkhead; Connectors 15 x 8mm, Stop cock valve with Steel StrainerHydroboils
FR-23301974806332330197Filter Cartridge - HydroTap (Five-micron)HydroTap
FR-23301604805772330160Filter Cartridge - HydroTap (Sub Micron/3 Micron)Hydrotap
FR-23302884901092330288Zip Filter Cartridge for Chillmaster ChillMaster

Zip Globalplus™ water filtration kit

  • Recommended for hard water areas.
  • 0.2 micron (Nominal).
  • 11,356 Litres filtration capacity @ 3.8 litres per minute.

Water filtration system reduces:

  • Scale
  • Chlorine taste and odour
  • Sediment >0.2 micron nominal,
  • Cryptosporidium parvum ooccyst

Globalplus™ water filtration kit

Complete ready to install kit includes (FR-480962 or FR-2330276):

  • 1 x Filter cartridge head.
  •  x Zip GlobalPlus Filter (FR-480960/2330274).
  • 2 x Flexi Hose (1 metre x 8 mm).