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Medical elbow action taps

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Wall mounted medical tap

The wall mounted medical tap is ideal for various applications not just medical.  It is used in the food industry, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

It has a long spout that extends 256 mm so it is ideal for various basins such as

And many other basins that require elbow action activation of the mixer.


  • Wall mounted
  • Adjustable flow limiter
  • Spout 257 mm
  • Temperature limiter
  • Minimum flow rate 2.5L/min
  • Swiwel spout
elbow action medical tap wall mount long spout


wall mounted medical tap with elbow action

spare parts medical tap wall mount temperature control

Detailed list of spares for the wall mounted elbow action medical tap

Medical tap with elbow action and temperature control

The medical elbow tap with temperature control is ideal for doctors rooms, clinics and other medical facilities. The tap can be activated by under-arm or elbow.  The lever flow rate is managed by the elbow lever.

The temperature can be controlled and limited between 35-45°C to prevent scalding (burning of skin). Water flow can be set between 5-9 L/min. Ideal pressure range is between 1-5 bar. If pressures tend to go higher during the night it is advisable to use a pressure regulating valve to protect the inside mechanism from any damage.

The unit is wall mounted and spout can move 100° from left to right.

Quick technical reference

  • Thermostat basin mixer 1/2″
  • for elbow lever action
  • wall mounted
  • metal lever 250 mm
  • swivel area 100°
  • metal stop
  • ceramic head part 1/2″
  • wax thermoelement
  • temperature scale handle with pre-adjustable
  • safety stop between 35°C and 45°C
  • thermal disinfection mode
  • swivel cast spout
  • lockable stop ring
  • laminar flow limiter 9 l/min.
  • built-in non-return valves
  • dirt strainers
  • Spout projection 238 mm


  • Elbow action
  • Temperature control
  • Flow control
  • Wall mounted
  • Internal thermostat
elbow action medical tap thermostat control wall mounted

Industrial wall mounted medical elbow action mixer
Ideal for hospitals, surgeon rooms and clinics

temperature control medical tap elbow action wall mount

Diagram and spares for the medical mixer

medical tap spare parts wall mount model grohe afindcom

Deck mounted elbow action medical pillar tap

Two pillar taps, either hot or cold. Must be ordered separately. Hot water always on the left and the cold water always on the right.  The taps cannot be swapped.  Hot water swings to the left to open and cold water swings to the right to open.  Standard operating pressure 1-6 bar.  These taps do not mix hot and cold water. 15 mm male inlet. It is highly recommended to install a thermostatic mixing valve on the hot water tap as to prevent users from burning their hands.

WC-480HL elbow action medical pillar tap Afindcom


WC-480HL elbow action medical pillar tap operation

Hot tap always on the left and cold water always on the right

Wall mounted sink tap

Wall mounted sink tap is designed for most catering and pot sinks. Both handles are made from stainless steel. Internal fittings are designed for durability.

Ideal for catering sinks, wash troughs, hand wash basins and pot sinks.

Do not use abrasive sponges, scouring agents, organic solvents or acidic cleaners, limescale removers, household vinegar or cleaners containing acetic acid for cleaning the wall mounted tap.

wall mounted tap catering sink mixer

Wall mounted kitchen sink mixer with ceramic long lasting head parts

wall mounted tap dimensions


wall mounted catering sink tap spares list

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