Undershelves for catering sinks and tables

  • Manufactured from grade 304 (18/10)
  • 1.2mm stainless Stainless Steel solid or Slatted
  • 1.2mm Galvanised Mild Steel solid or Slatted

Sizes available :

  • 1 500 x 420 mm
  • 1 850 x 420 mm
  • 2 400 x 420 mm
  • Various lengths x 420 mm (with max length 2400mm)

NB: Please specify requirements

  • stainless steel or mild steel
  • solid or slatted
  • required size to fit custom length of table worktop or catering sink (pot sinks included)

Undershelves are used to increase storage capacity of the workroom, be it a food processing facility like a restaurant or commercial laboratory such as a soil lab.  Space is always at a premium in these situations.  All under shelves are made from Grade 304 (18/10) stainless steel, this means you get the best quality that will last the life time of the product itself.  Never order grade 430 stainless steel since there is a chance that it will rust with heavy commercial and industrial use.

Two types of undershelves are available; slatted and slatted.  The slatted version is used when objects stored on the under shelf are large.  It also allows for inspecting the area under the under shelf very easy.  So slatted undershelves are mostly used in facilities where hygiene is also extremely important.  Solid under shelves are quite often used where smaller objects are placed under the table or catering sink and where hygiene is not as important as in food industry.

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Solid undershelves for catering sinks



Slatted undershelf for catering sinks