Instrument cabinet

Wall Mounted Instrument Cabinet manufactured from grade 316 stainless Steel 1,6 mm thick with two hinged doors with shatterproof glass panel. Ideal for hospitals, mortuaries and clinics.

Doors are lockable and are supplied with two keys. Unit has two stainless steel shelves and is provided with two key hole slots for mounting the unit to the wall.

The instrument cabinet can be used in hospitals, clinics, doctors rooms, school medical areas, mining medical and emergency rooms as well as any other public medical facility.

The instrument cabinet is made from Grade 316 stainless steel which is medical grade. So hygiene, rust and bacteria is not a problem and should be approved in most emergency rooms. The two large windows are also made from shatter proof glass which further enhances safety.

mortuary instrument cabinet 359630

Stainless steel instrument cabinet

Mortuary instrument cabinet diagram

Instrument cabinet front dimensions

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