Multi bowl hand wash basins

Flat bed hand wash basin specifications

Flat bed multi bowl hand wash basins are used most often in the food industry.  They are easy to clean and their sole function is for washing hands, that is why they are so shallow. Two models are available, FB18 with three washing bays and FB24 with four washing bays.  Since it is used for the food industry, hands free washing systems are quite often installed.

The flat bed hand wash basin range (FB18 and FB24) are manufactured from Grade 304 (18/10) Stainless Steel, 1,6mm gauge. The units include a 50mm deep trough like basin with 40mm waste outlets and 100 mm apron all round. Basin to include outlets and tap holes evenly spaced and to be fixed to the wall with 3mm Stainless Steel bracket for reinforcement.

Flat bed hand wash basin

F-FB18 – 3 bay (Taps optional)


Flat bed FB24 hand wash basin with four hand washing bays is ideal for larger food processing factories. Common taps are infra red hands free taps or foot operated valves. Knee operated valves are also available.

F-FB24 – 4 bay (Taps optional)

The flat bed FB24 shallow hand wash basin. Designed for industrial use. Ideal for food processing plants where hygiene is very important. Note the shallow depth of the basin. This is done for hygiene and easy inspection of the basin area, important in the food processing industry.

Tap options:

  • Infra red: deck mounted taps (CO-EL1000 or SC-SL021700699) for either cold water only or pre-mixed water with LX-TV-22CXC thermostatic anti-scald mixer.
  • Wall mounted knee operated: C-KV metered valve and M-DSP-180 or Walcro SSP/15 deck mounted spout.
  • Metered taps: Walcro WC-420 (Set at an angle) or Walcro 100R pillar tap (Holes must be 22mm diameter minimum for taps)
  • Wall mounted metered concealed Walcro 155UW with W-GWS/15 wall mounted spout.

Customization options:

The flat bed hand was basin is highly customizable. popular options are shortened base to accept only one or two hand wash bays. Integral splashback made from stainless steel up to 500 mm high (higher splashbacks are not effective since splashing is usually below 500 mm).  The width (from where you stand to the wall) can also be shortened if space is a problem. Although we can make the flat bed hand wash basin deeper it defies the purpose of the basin.  If you are looking for a deeper basin, rather look at wash troughs that might be cheaper and more effective.

If hands free equipment is installed on the splashback, it must be higher than 500mm for comfortable operation.

Franke Chronos range of multi bowl hand wash basins

The Chronos range comes in three configurations:

  1. CHR02 Double bowl
  2. CHR03 Triple bowl
  3. CHR04 Quadruple bowl

The units are manufactured from Grade 304 (18/10) Stainless Steel,1,6mm gauge (top) and bowls 1,2mm gauge (thick) .

Multi bowl dimensions are: 360mm diameter x 150mm deep with 40mm waste outlets (waste not supplied). The front is rounded and 100 mm apron all round conceals the bowl and the plumbing. The Chronos wash basins are designed to be fixed to a brick wall using rawl bolts with 3mm Stainless Steel bracket for reinforcement. Not recommended fixing against dry walling without any internal support (dry wall supports are not supplied)

The Chronos range is designed to be durable and can withstand heavy duty usage. The 1.6 mm gauge top (framework) is suitable for industrial use. Suitable applications for the Chronos hand wash basins are: Hotels, schools, sports arenas, factories, laboratories, academic institutions, hostels and hospitals.


  • Grade 304 (18/10) Stainless Steel
  • Pressed Bowls
  • 3mm mounting bracket for reinforcement.
  • Upmarket design
  • Satin finish with polished bowls
  • Vandal proof and low maintenance
Chronos double CHR02 hand wash basin

Chronos double hand wash basin. (CHR02)


Chronos triple bowl hand wash basin. (CHR03)


Chronos four multi bowl hand wash basin. (CHR04)


Stratos STR02 and STR03 Specifications

Stratos STR02 double multi bowl and STR03 triple bowl hand wash basins. The Stratos range of basins are manufactured from Grade 304 (18/10) Stainless Steel. The distinguishing factor of these basins is the 3mm thick stainless steel sheet top.  This makes the Stratos range so suitable for industrial and commercial use.  The bowls are also made from polished stainless steel with a thickness of 1.2 mm.  The Stratos bowl size is 360 mm in diameter and 150 mm deep using a standard basin waste outlet of 40 mm.

The Stratos range is designed to be wall mounted and the unit has a 3mm stainless steel bracket for reinforcement. Bolts supplied by installer.

Depending on application, the most common tap mixers used are Infra Red actuated mixers or self closing taps.  This reduces the risk of someone leaving the tap on and wasting water.  Wall mounted taps can also be installed above the Stratos STR02 or STRO3 basin, just make sure that the spout extends more than 120 mm out of the wall otherwise the top of the basin will always be wet due to splashing. In any commercial situation this will reduce the hygiene of the washing room.

Franke stratos STR02 hand wash basin

F-STR02 – Stratos double basin wall mounted


Franke stratos STR02 hand wash basin

F-STR03 – Stratos triple basin wall mounted


Pressed multi bowl range

The pressed multi bowl range are ideal basins for schools, factories and public ablutions.  The bowls are pressed stainless steel fitted to a rectangular frame which can hold one or two taps.  These bowls can also be wall mounted with gallows brackets and front feet.  The number of gallows brackets and front feet will depend on the length of the bowl frame.  These pressed multi-bowl basins are made from grade 304 stainless steel 1.2mm thick so they will not rust and thus are very hygienic. The basins do not come with pre-drilled tap holes. Minimum tap hole diameter is 21mm for standard metered and demand pillar taps. Mixers require 32mm diameter hole.


mulit bowl basins stainless steel schools

SS-WB003 triple basin

Double bowl hand wash basin stainless steel



triple bowl hand wash basin stainless steel



Four bowl hand wash basin stainless steel



Five bowl hand wash basin stainless steel



Recommended water saving taps for pressed bowl basins



Deck mounted metered pillar tap industrial


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