Industrial self closing demand taps

Self closing demand taps will provide water while the button is pressed. As soon as the operator walks away the water will stop flowing. Metered taps on the other hand will flow for a maximum of 8-15 seconds after the button is depressed.

Five popular models are available.

  • W-109: Bubbler, for use on drinking fountains
  • W-100D: Pillar tap for us on most inset and undermount stainless steel basins.
  • W-101D: Wall mounted bib tap. Used mostly on wash troughs
  • W-111D: In-line stop demand cock. Various industrial applications.
  • W-FTV-111D: Floor mounted demand foot valve for hands free operation (discontinued)
industrial demand taps

A demand tap works as follows: Press the top button to release water. Lift your hand and the water stops

WC-100D Demand pillar basin tap

deck mounted industrial pillar demand tap


WC-111D 15 mm In-Line Demand tap

stop cock inline concealed demand tap valve



WC-109 Drinking fountain bubbler demand tap

drinking fountain bubbler tap demand

Drinking fountain bubbler south africa supplier

Floor operated hands free foot tap

The foot operated hands free foot valve must be used with any wall mounted or free standing basin.  It operates as a demand valve so keep the valve pressed to release water.  An inline strainer and pressure regulating valve is included and must be installed in order to keep the warranty.  Only one inlet and one outlet so this valve does not mix hot and cold water.  Please use a thermostatic valve if warm water is required.

  • Dimensions: 68 x 68 x 64 mm (Frame)
  • Dimensions: 88 x 68 x 82 mm (with valve)
  • Order Code: C-BFV
hands free washing foot valve pedal faucet walcro fvb 111d

hands free basin foot valve with stainless steel cartridge.

Protecting you taps and valves from dirt and high pressure

Dirt and high pressures are a major problem and the main cause for malfunctioning taps and valves.  Please install an inline dirt strainer before each unit.  The AF-BFV does come with both.

inline strainer tap protector

Inline strainer to protect taps, mixers and valves from dirt damaging the inner mechanisms

pressure regulator water gauge

Standard pressure regulator. 1.5 – 7.0 bar pressure