Pillar tap

The pillar tap is ideal for industrial hand wash basins and wash troughs.  It is also used often for small medical hand wash basins.

The Costa L comes with a metal handle so it is ideal for heavy commercial use.  The tap is heat insulated and has longlife head parts.  An aerator is standard to prevent splashing when in use.

Note that pillar taps do not mix hot and cold water. You need a second tap if you want hot and cold water.  Pillar taps are also ideal when the pressure from the hot and cold lines differ significantly or when using an open low pressure geyser.

The pillar tap is suitable for the following basins, but there are many more basins the pillar taps can be used.

pillar tap basin deck mount


pillar tap

GR-20404001 diagram

pillar tap spare parts

oval a stainless steel basin wall hung franke OVE Model OSB1N125

Franke oval a hand wash basin 357456 stainless steel

Franke undermount hand wash basin

NOTE: Pillar taps do not mix hot and cold water. You need one tap for cold water and another for hot water.