Squat pans

Stainless steel squat pan

Stainless steel squat pan with sizes 700x700mm (product codes: 356014 / 2540077) or 740x740mm (Product codes: 356013 / 2540076). The squat pan is manufactured from Grade 304 (18/10) Stainless Steel ,1,2 mm gauge with the foot plate and flush bowl pressed into one piece. The foot plate tray is pressed in raised pattern on both sides and in front of the flush bowl. The unit is fitted with a rear entry flushing spreader that will self seal with 38mm or 41mm flushing pipe (Please specify whether 38mm or 41mm), waste outlet with a 110mm external diameter, suitable for fitting to a standard 110mm PVC or cast iron waste connector.

Features :

  • Grade 304 (18/10) Stainless Steel, 1.2mm gauge
  • Hygienic pan cannot chip or crack
  • Designed for the highest level of anti-vandal resistance
  • Heavy duty construction external surfaces 1.2mm gauge
  • Fully pressed design with raised tread plates
  • Concealed back entry flush pipe inlet suitable for surface-mounted or concealed flush valves, low or high level cisterns
  • Supplied with flushing spreader
  • Flushes with 9 Liters Low Level Cistern
  • 22 working day lead time for manufacturing if there is no stock

Squat pan extras.

Also available with High level Stainless Steel cistern with Supa Flush Valve and 41mm diameter Stainless Steel flush pipe.  The most used option in commercial and industrial use is the stainless steel cistern, either low level or high level.

Stainless steel squat pans are used in commercial and industrial applications rather than in residential applications.  For residential applications ceramic squat pans are available, however they are much smaller in area which makes them much more difficult to clean according to commercial and industrial hygiene standards.  Also, chipping and cracking of ceramic squat pans is a high risk in industries such as mining and industrial factories.  The stainless steel squat pan is ideal for commercial and industrial use.

740 x 740mm squat pan

Asian stainless steel toilet

700x700mm squat pan with flange

small vandal resistant stainless steel squat pan Asian toilet

Stainless steel squat pan dimensions
500 x 610mm ±5mm

Ceramic squat pan

The small ceramic squat pan (or oriental pan) is made from high quality ceramic with rippled top edge.  The ceramic squat pan comes with a ceramic outlet p-trap with outlet of ±95 mm outer diameter and ±80 mm inner diameter. The back female inlet is 50 mm diameter. The outlet of the ceramic squat pan faces downwards with 110 mm male fitting (outlet). Note the inlet must be set into the back with epoxy as a bung cannot be used effectively. The installation should be done in such a way that the pan is pressed against the inlet for a good seal.

The oriental toilet pan is ideal for residential use or commercial applications.  It is designed for inset installation and has no tiling key.

The recommended flushing system is either via flush valve or high level cisterns. The following flushing mechanisms can be used.

  • Walcro 550 SP
  • High level cistern with 1700 mm stainless steel flush pipe and mechanism with chain.
ceramic squat pan oriental toilet

Ceramic squat pan 500 x 400 x 26 cm


  • Made from ceramic
  • Small size 500 x 400 x 26 mm
  • Downward facing outlet
  • Female inlet
  • Ceramic p-trap included