Prison basins

The prison basin is manufactured from grade 304 (18/10) stainless steel. The stainless steel is 1.2 mm thick.
The plumbing is hidden behind the front skirt and cannot be accessed from the front of the basin.

Waste outlet is 40 mm so a bath waste must be used, not a standard basin waste which is 32 mm in diameter.

A 22 mm diameter hole is placed in the splashback to install a combination drinking fountain spout and water spout.  In general a WC-BBD/15 is used as spout and the spout is activated with a built in (into the wall) valve (WC-155UWS). A 22 mm diameter hole can also be drilled to the side of the unit to activate the water.

heavy duty prison wall hung basin stainless steel ove model osb1a

Wall mounted prison basin. Plumbing optional

prison basin stainless steel square

Top view of the heavy duty prison type wash basin

prison sink stainless steel cell inmate

Side view of the prison basin. Hole on the side is optional. Larger or smaller holes can be drilled to suit your plumbing fittings

security high basin vandal resistant proof strong

Back view of the prison basin. The splashback has a centre hole for the combination drinking fountain spout. Two holes can also be drilled.

Heavy duty prison type hand wash basin

Model HDSSB Surround Wall Mount Prison Basin, 390 x 320 x 250mm, with a 150mm splash back.  The basin is manufactured from Grade 304 (18/10) Stainless Steel, 1.2mm gauge. The pressed bowl, 360 x 280 x 140mm deep and with an outer casing with a welded base plate. Basin comes with with a pressed perforated waste outlet, with a 50mm diameter Stainless Steel outlet pipe which extends 250mm for easy duct fitment. Unit to be supplied with four x 8mmØx250mm long galvanised mild steel threaded rods for fixing the basin to the wall.

The splashback is designed to house a concealed metered push button valve (WC-155UWS) with wall mounted special spout (WC-BBD/15).

HDSSB prison basin security 325318 2520009

Heavy duty Franke prison wall hung basin with spout and push button tap

prison basin diagram

FR-HDSSB Prison basin top view diagram

prison basin diagram 325318 2520009

FR-HDSSB Prison basin side diagram

prison diagram 2520009 325318

FR-HDSSB Prison basin diagram back

Recessed basin/drinking fountain combo

The recessed prison basin and drinking fountain combo. Designed for prisons or high vandal installations. Comes with the integrated water saving metered bib tap that is self closing. Made from 1.2mm grade 304 (18/10) stainless steel.


osb1a/125 recessed basin drinking fountain 2520011

Recessed drinking fountain and basin combo. Suitable for prisons

Optional plumbing for the basin which can be installed in the small 150mm splashback:

toilet flush valve for prisons

The Walcro 155UWS flush metering valve is designed for high vandal areas. The button is protected by a stainless steel sleeve.


The drinking spout has two functions. Normal operation as standard spout, but pressing your finger on the open hole at the bottom forces water through the top hole and functions as a drinking spout.