Urinal flush valves

Walcro 330UR urinal flush valve

Walcro 330UR single bowl urinal flush valve.  Designed especially for single bowl urinals. Do not use with siphonic urinal bowls. Can be used with top entry Barron urinal for exposed top entry installation or with the new ceramic top entry wall hung urinals.

Two flush pipes available,

  • 15 mm off-set flush pipe (for use with top entry Barron urinal)
  • 15 mm straight pipe with spreader (usually used with ceramic flat urinals)

Note that this urinal flush valve does not compensate for pressure.  If your pressure is higher than 600 kPa, splashing outside the urinal may occur. Please use a pressure compensating valve before the urinal flush valve.


walcro 330ur

W-330UR single bowl urinal flush valve fitted with 15 mm straight flush pipe with spreader.

 Walcro 103LUR 20mm urinal flush valve

Walcro W-103LUR 20mm BSP single bowl urinal flush valve for exposed installations.  Operating pressure between 30kPa and 600kPa.

Ideal for institutional installations such as:

  • Shopping malls
  • Schools
  • Sports arenas
  • Public ablutions
  • Factories

Exposed urinal flush valve


Cobra Junior Flushmaster CO-FJ6-001 Exposed urinal flush valve

Junior Flushmaster Flush valves: CO-FJ6-001.  Exposed type urinal flush valve with ball-o-stop and wall flange.  Brushed chrome finish SANS 1240. Used with stainless steel top entry bowl urinals or ceramic wall mounted top entry (or exposed entry) urinals.


  • Brushed Chrome Finish.
  • Water Supply Requirements – Inlet flow pressure: 30 – 500 kPa.
  • Use pressure reducing valves with high pressures.
  • Maximum system pressure: 600 kPa.
  • 65 L/min peak flow rate.


  • Wall flange CO-C-FL32X3
  • Piston assembly CO-C-FJ8-11
  • Push button assembly CO-C-FJ8-20
  • Flush valve top cover CO-C-FJC1-2
cobra flushmaster junior flush valve urinal fj6-001

Exposed top entry urinal flush valve. Select correct flush pipe.

fj6-001 diagram urinal flush valve

CO-FJ6-001 Diagram

Walcro 550URV trough urinal flush valve

The Walcro 550URV is designed for trough urinals for high volume flushing. Minimum maintained pressure is 100 kPa and maximum pressure is 600 kPa. Install a pressure reducing valve if water pressure exceeds 6 bar.  Install an inline strainer to reduce maintenance and downtime in new installations. Never use on small wall hung urinals due to high volume of water released.

The supply pipe diameter is 20 mm BSP, however, when more than one unit is installed, the main supply pipe diameter must be increased in order to maintain required water volume. It does not matter if the pressure of the water is reduced slightly as long as it does not fall below the recommended minimum water pressure.  The Walcro 550URV is SANS 1240:2002 certified. Designed for potable water only. The 550URV is made in South Africa.

The Walcro 550URV is not suitable for single bowl urinals such as the Barron urinal.  If this unit is installed on single urinals water will tend to flow over the urinal onto the floor.  Spare parts are available for maintenance.

Walcro 550 toilet flush-valve adjustable flow control

Walcro W-550URV toilet flush-valve with lever and adjustable flow control

walcro 550 time adjusting screw

Walcro 550 flow control screw

Walcro 155U concealed urinal flush valve

Two models are available:

  1. W-155 UWS urinal and basin flush valve with sleeve for vandal resistant installations
  2. W-155 UW urinal and basin flush valve for standard commercial and industrial installations.

Walcro W-155UWS

The Walcro 155UWS is a multi-purpose vandal resistant valve.  Common applications are:

  • Activating single wall hung urinals in shopping malls, factories, sports arenas, mining change rooms, prisons and holding cells
  • Activating hand wash basins in shopping malls, sports arenas, prisons and holding cells which is combined with the Walcro BBD/15 spout/drinking fountain.
  • Activation of metered water supply in mining and factory areas

Walcro W-155UW

The Walcro 155 UW is the standard model. Do not use where vandalism is a problem.  Common applications are:

  • Activating single wall hung urinals in shopping malls, factories, sports arenas where vandalism is not a problem and aesthetics is important
  • Activating hand wash basins in shopping malls, sports arenas, schools and factories where vandalism is not a problem
  • Activation of metered water supply in various industries in controlled environments.

Both versions are ideally suited for use with standard wall spout or wall spout with drinking fountain option. The standard wall spout is mostly used in lodges, hotels and vandal free public areas.  The spout with drinking fountain is used where vandalism is a problem.

The Walcro 155 UWS and 155 UW supplies cold water only or pre-mixed water via the Rada Meynell 15/3 thermostatic anti-scalding valve.  The thermostatic mixer is only used when combined with hand wash basins and not urinals.  Use a inline ‘Y’ strainer such as the Walcro 249 Y-strainer to filter out any dirt.  If the pressure range is outside the recommended maintained range please install a diaphragm pressure reducing valve (PRV).  Lower than recommended pressures will not harm the valve but reduce its effectiveness.

PLEASE NOTE: When purchasing the valve there might be a little water left after testing in the factory, that is normal.

Walcro 155 Specifications

  • Cold water or blended water from Rada thermostatic anti-scalding valves
  • Inlet connection: 15 mm BSP
  • Pressure range 30 kPa – 600 kPa maintained pressure
  • Internal flow adjustment
Urinal flush valve with wall plate

W-155UW – Standard concealed back entry urinal flush valve with large flange.

toilet flush valve for prisons

The W-155UWS flush metering valve. Suitable for high vandal installations. A stainless steel sleeve protects the activation button.


walcro 155uws concealed metered valve vandal resistant taps

recommended installation depth of the Walcro W-155UWS concealed sleeved urinal valve.  Ideally suited for vandal resistant applications. Also suitable for hand wash basins.


The service tool to change the valve in 155 flush valve.

Walcro W-107CHP-UR built-in boxed urinal flush valve

The Walcro W-107CHP-UR is a built-in boxed urinal flush valve with 20 mm BSP inlet.  Designed for single urinal or basin installations. After installation the flush valve is still accessible for maintenance. Quite often used as replacement flush valve of older concealed urinal flush valves.

urinal flush valve concealed walcro 107

The Walcro W-107CHP-UR urinal built-in boxed flush valve. Ideal when the ability to access the valve is important.


Infrared sensor urinal flush valve – Concealed type

Infrared sensor urinal flush valve is mostly an institutional product.  Mostly used in places such as hotels, restaurants, petrol stations and shopping malls. The infrared sensor urinal flush valve is so much more hygienic than any other manual system since it will flush soon after it has been used. So in terms of hygiene this is the best system available.  Please note that the infrared sensor must be used in conjunction with the Rapido-U concealed flush mechanism (G-37338) and must be purchased separately.

Infrared sensor urinal flush valve specification

  • Infrared electronic sensor for back entry urinals such as the back entry Barron urinal
  • This is the front plate set for final installation. Concealed flush valve (G-37338) Rapido U.
  • Battery version uses 6 V lithium-battery, type CR-P2
  • Mains version comes with a 230V to 6 V transformer
  • Flow pressure min 0.5 bar; operating pressure max 10 bar
  • CE-approved
  • Infra-red control
  • LongLife battery lifetime: approx. 7 years (150 actuations a day)
  • 7 Pre-set programs:
    • with 24/72 hours autoflush
    • time or user dependent
    • with cleaning mode
  • Additional functions by remote control (G-36206000 optional):
    • adjustable flow time by hand or remote
    • adjustable reflection range by remote
    • cartridge with solenoid valve and dirt strainer
  • Front plate 116 x 144 mm
concealed ir 6v urinal flush valve 37324001

GR-37324001 – Infra Red sensor urinal flush valve

Concealed urinal flush mechanism

The Rapido-U concealed flush mechanism. For use with concealed urinal flush valves

Concealed pneumatic urinal flush valves

The pneumatic urinal flush valve system consists of two parts: the concealed flush mechanism (G.UR-FVC-PNEUM) and the flush actuator.  There are two actuators that are very popular.  The white plastic and stainless steel. The concealed flush mechanism is also suitable for electrical activation. The valve can be converted at a later stage.

Concealed pneumatically controlled flush system

The pneumatically controlled urinal flush valve designed for solid brick wall installation.


  • Water supply connection, top centre
  • Conduit pipe for rinsing pipeline, pre-mounted
  • With nipple made of plastic
  • Stop valve with throttle pre-mounted
  • Electronic connections included for easy conversion.
  • Protection box for service opening can be cut to length without tools

Technical data

  • Flow pressure 1-8 bar
  • Maximum test pressure, water 16 bar
  • Flow rate at 1 bar without flow limiter 0.3 l/s
  • Flow rate at 1 bar with flow limiter 0.24 l/s
Pneumatic urinal flush valve concealed system

No power required

Pneumatic actuator plates


Pneumatic urinal flush valve concealed system

White plastic actuator plate. Use with G.UR-FVC-PNEUM


Pneumatic urinal flush valve concealed system

Stainless steel actuator plate. Use with G.UR-FVC-PNEUM

Urinal Flush pipes

Suitable for use with the following urinal flush valves.

  • W-330LUR – 20 mm Exposed urinal valve with push button
  • W-103LUR – 20 mm Exposed urinal valve with lever
  • W-550URV 20 mm Exposed high volume trough urinal flush valve

Two flush pipes available

  • 15 mm off-set urinal flush pipe
  • 15 mm straight urinal flush pipe with spreader








Walcro 550 toilet flush-valve adjustable flow control

W-550 toilet flush-valve with lever and adjustable flow control

Only top entry wall hung urinals use flush pipes because of the position of the inlet pipe.

stainless steel wall hung urinal

Stainless steel wall hung urinal. Comes with spreader and waste dome. Made from grade 304 stainless steel.


Stainless steel Barron wall hung urinal with top entry or back entry models.

white ceramic wall hung urinal sanitary

Ceramic wall hung urinal with top entry flush valve and straight flush pipe with spreader.