Paper towel dispensers

Hands free sensor paper towel dispensers

This unit is a neat paper towel dispenser that fits folded paper towels packed neatly on-top of one another and fed from the bottom. Dispenses C-folded and Z- folded paper towels, one or two ply. These paper towel dispensers are used in laboratories, schools, hospitals, clinics, offices, factories, workshops and public ablutions.


  • Tear bar cutting system
  • Core diameter of 3.8 cm
  • Takes 4 D cell batteries
  • Sheet length size – 279 mm
  • Weight – 3.63 kg
  • Lockable with a sensor activation and tear bar


  • Robust, high impact and chemical resistant
  • No-Touch sensor preventing contact with dispenser
  • Activated interval – one second interval to avoid waste
  • Lock prevents theft of consumables
automatic touch less free hands paper towel dispenser white plastic


00136 Auto hands free paper roll satin silver dispenser


hands free black paper towel dispenser


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Harmony Deca paper roll dispenser

These toilet roll holders are a more robust option for washroom environments. They are mounted to the wall by means of 3 screws with corresponding 5mm wall plugs. It has a lock system with a standard key that allows for opening the lid for easy roll replenishment. Ideal for hospitals, clinics, mines, public restrooms, schools and baby changing rooms.


  • Robust ABS or ABS/SS epoxy coated white body, fully sealed
  • Supplied standard paper core sizes
  • Weight 1.48 kg –
  • Plugs and mounting screws included
  • Suggested mounting heights: Men 65mm, Woman 65mm, Disabled 70mm *Measurements are base from the floor upwards


  • Transparent eye to monitor paper left in dispenser
  • Suited to high traffic areas
  • Lockable and easy installation
  • Core sizes large and small – Inner core sizes – 35 mm
  • Paper towel not included.
large big paper toilet cleaning rolls

Big paper roll
100 x 550 mm
8 Rolls per pack.





Solo manual auto-cut paper towel dispenser

The Autocut unit provides mechanical cutting with low pull force and fewer tab outs. The no-touch performance provides ultimate hygiene without batteries. This hygienic hands-free mechanical, full size dispensing system is the ultimate paper hand drying solution for all bathroom areas.


  •  Robust, ABS plastic white body, fully sealed
  • Battery free mechanical operation
  • Weight 2.9kg
  • Plugs and mounting screws included
  • Emergency feed – with a manual override turn knob
  • Lockable with a pull and cut paper activation


  •  Robust, high impact and chemical resistant
  • Suited to high traffic areas
  • No Touch pull preventing contact with dispenser – more hygienic
  • No power source needed
  • Exclusive Auto-cut system cuts the widest range paper thickness
  • Lock prevents theft of consumables
Auto-Cut manual paper towel dispenser

Solo Manual Auto-Cut TD Dispenser

Tear-N-Dry Auto-feed Paper Towel Dispenser – Discontinued – new models coming soon

Enjoy efficient and dependable electronic roll towel dispensing in a compact size with the Tear-N-Dry. This unit consistently dispenses equal paper portons without the wait, making it the ideal choice for high-traffic environments. On tearing off your sectioned paper a sensor triggers dispensing the next piece automatically. 


  • Robust, high impact and chemical resistant plastic
  • Industry leading battery life
  • Core diameter 3.8cm
  • All wall mounting fitng supplied
  • Weight: 1.9kg
  • Lockable with a tear sensor activation
  • 4 x D cell batteries (Not included)


  • Sensor activated thus more hygienic
  • 25% smaller than other leading automatic paper dispensers
  • Durable and economical
  • Compact, high capacity dispensing solution
  • Lockable to prevent theft of consumables
Tear-N-Dry Auto Paper Towel Dispenser white finish supplier

White finish

satin finish shopping mall hospital Tear-N-Dry Auto Paper Towel Dispenser

Satin colour


Tear-N-Dry Auto Paper Towel Dispenser

Tear-N-Dry Auto Paper Towel Dispenser dimensions


RODX625 hands free sensor type paper towel dispenser

Touch free paper towel dispenser for wall mounting, stainless steel, surface satin finished, material thickness 0.8 mm, folded cover with cylinder lock and standard Franke key, infrared sensor activity for non-touch operation, integrated tear-off edge, needs 4 pcs. standard D 1.5 V batteries, maintenance free mechanic and easy paper roll change mechanism, for rolls with max. width 205 mm and max. diameter 200 mm, paper length adjustable to 200, 250 and 300 mm, incl. stainless steel screws and dowels.

This electronic paper towel dispenser for wall mounting offers a hygienic and comfortable usage of paper towels. By placing the hand in front of the infrared sensor every time one paper is offered. Only after tearing down this paper the next paper can be get. This is a safety mechanism that the sensor cannot be blocked. The product can be locked, is practically maintenance free and has an easy paper roll change mechanism. The paper length can be adjusted with a push button inside the casing to the three pre-adjusted length of 200, 250 and 300 mm.

franke rodx630 sensor hands free paper towel dispenser stainless steel

F-RODX630 hands free paper towel dispenser


RODX630 hands free paper towel dispenser technical data
Gross Weight6.34 kg
Material Code1.4301
Net Weight5.55 kg
Overall Depth226.00 mm
Overall Height390.00 mm
Overall Width290.00 mm
Filling Quantity1
Filling Quantity UomROLLS
Type Of ConsumablePAPER-ROLL
Maximum Depth/Diameter Of Consumable220.00 mm
Maximum Width Of Consumable205.00 mm
Batteries4 x D 1.5 V batteries