Frequently asked questions

How much is the delivery fee ?
I don’t know, I also don’t know where you live and what you will be ordering. So the delivery fee will depend on where you live, the amount of items you are ordering and the size of the items you are ordering.  Also in which country you are located, we only handle deliveries in South Africa, however, if you reside outside South Africa, please use you own freight forwarder. We can assist with an export number so you can claim the 15% VAT back, but at the end the shipping will depend on the volumetric weight of the total order.

NOTE: We do not export ourselves. We can assist with companies that can help you and you must contact and arrange the shipping yourself. We are not in the export courier/shipping business.

Can you deliver C.O.D?
I’m sorry no. All our orders must be payed in FULL before collection.
Can you invoice me without VAT?
Unfortunately we cannot.  We have to supply you with an invoice including VAT (15%) as we are VAT registered.  We have an export number so you or your freight forwarder can claim the VAT back in your country.
Can you ship directly to me or is it better that I collect?
Shipping or courier fee varies considerably. It is cheaper to ship to major centres such as Durban, PE, Johannesburg, Pretoria etc. Once you live in outlying areas such as Springbok, Langebaan, Krugersdorp etc. the price will increase. Some items will only be shipped to a business address. Couriers prefer business addresses since there is always someone there (well there should be, that is the assumption)

If you are not located in South Africa the distance that the items must be shipped will also affect the cost as well as the freight forwarder’s fees. Please contact them and get a couple of quotes for shipping. If you are outside Africa, the best is to arrange with the freight forwarder yourself, we have an export number so you can claim the 15% VAT back.

What are your delivery times?
Delivery is done during weekdays between 09:00 and 17:00. No deliveries during weekends. Exports is something totally different so times vary. Please contact your freight forwarder yourself to get estimates on delivery.
Can I collect?
Yes you may collect, please phone and arrange for a time to collect. No appointment, no visit. As we mostly work with couriers, self collection is seldom, so please arrange with us the time and date for collection.  Please bring the original proforma invoice with you.
Do you carry stock?
We do not have stock at our offices. Most stainless steel items are manufactured on order.  There are some items however that our factories to keep stock of, but that is rare.  We need to check before ordering if there is stock. 
Do you accept COD or can I pay when you deliver?
No. All our items require full payment before delivery (CBD) or collection. 
I am a builder, do you provide credit?
We are not a registered financial service provider so we cannot provide any credit. In any case, if the bank will not why should we? 
Where is your showroom so that I can come and see your products?
We do not have a showroom, we are a web based company. We have factories that supply is with custom made stainless steel products that take time to manufacture. 
Why do you not have an address on your website?
We operate in secret…just joking. No, if you would like to visit us, please make an appointment and then we will reveal our address. The reason we do not supply our address is because we do not have a showroom. Most people want to visit to see products, Similar to Amazon, do they have a showroom, NO. The same with us.  Just know that our offices and located in Pretoria East.  All visits are by appointment only since we do not have a showroom. 
Can I pay a deposit when ordering?
No, we require the full payment of all orders. Deposits are only accepted when we import items which is hardly ever.

On custom designed items we will accept deposits of 75%, please note that all custom made items carry a non-refundable deposit and the item cannot be returned. You will have to sign the design off.

For which web browser is your website optimised?
Our website is optimised for Internet Explorer 8 or 9. It works fine with Chrome and Firefox. It is not optimised for your tablet and you may find weird things happening to images for which we have no control Please consult the manufacturer of your tablets operating system or web browser for a solution.
Can I return my order
NO. All stainless steel orders are not returnable since they are custom and hand made. Before manufacturing you will sign an irrevocable  contract for the order. Ons some products like taps which are not custom made you can return, however, if you are not happy, you have to return the product to us AT YOUR OWN EXPENSE IN THE ORIGINAL PACKAGING. Please note that refund fees may apply from supplier to supplier to communicate with us first.

We are not unreasonable, but returning 300 taps if the mistake is yours because you did not measure correctly is not our problem and we are not going to lose on the deal.  Seriously, we are here to support but you have to do your homework as well. There will be a handling fee on some orders and sometimes it can be up to 20% of the value of the sale. That is what our suppliers require.  So please be very careful when ordering and measuring.

What is your SWIFT code
Our SWIFT code for international banking is FIRNZAJJ, when you receive our proforma invoice you will see all our banking details, including the SWIFT code.  Please note with international payments, it does take a little longer for the payment to reflect. Please be patient.  Once we receive the payment we will immediately communicate with you and start the purchasing procedure with our factories and suppliers.