Hands free wash basins

Knee operated hand wash basin

Model SS18 or SS24 knee operated hand wash basin. The unit is made from Grade 304 (18/10) Stainless Steel, 1,6 mm thick, with a 300 mm splashback. Sink includes a 50 mm deep trough-like basin with 40 mm waste outlets, outlets and a hole for the pillar spout evenly spaced. Unit to be supplied with pedestals and knee operated pedals. Spout and valves optional (please specify), plumbing elsewhere measured. Unit to be fixed to the wall with a 3mm Stainless Steel bracket for reinforcement.

The SS18 knee operated sink has three knee operated valves with three spouts. The SS24 knee operated sink has four knee operated valves with four spouts.  the maximum width that can be made is 2400 mm with four spouts, however, custom designs are also available. For instance, a knee operated sink with one valve and only 900 mm is a popular variation for smaller companies or food plants.

The stainless steel splashback can also be used to fix automatic soap dispensers such as the CL-01128 hands free soap dispenser and the hands free Electroni paper towel dispenser (Model CL-00759 & CL-01125). A deck mounted soap dispenser is also available but it is not hands free, so it cannot be used in the food processing industry.

Holes can also be made in the stainless steel splashback to fit wall mounted taps or spouts if deck mounted is not allowed.

The knee operated sink can be modified to a foot operated sink.

Note that alternative valves can also be used instead of the pedestal knee operated valves.

Features :

  • Grade 304 (18/10) Stainless Steel, 1.6mm gauge
  • Shallow trough basin 50mm for easy cleaning and inspection
  • 3mm mounting brackets for reinforcement.
  • With 100mm apron all round
  • Complete with 300mm Splash Back
  • Maximum length must not exceed 2500mm
  • 22 Working days lead time for manufacturing (no exceptions)
  • Customisations can be done, for instance single knee operated valves or removal of splashback etc.

1 Bay hands free wash basin unit


knee avtivated single bay hand wash basin free steel africa zambia food

Single bay knee operated sink

hands free knee basin measurements

2 Bay hands free wash basin unit


knee operated hands free industrial sink

Single bay knee operated sink

3 Bay hands free wash basin unit

Franke knee operated hand wash basin slab sink

3 bay knee operated sink


4 Bay hands free wash basin unit

knee operated hands free wash basin 4 people four stainless steel food industry

Four bay knee operated sink

knee operated hands free basin combo diagram size large south africa sadc

Hands free knee operated hand wash basin

Hands free knee operated hand wash basins are becoming the norm in sectors like the food industry.  The only way to limit the spread of harmful bacteria is reducing the number of combined touch points such as taps and handles.  The activating valve is hidden under the basin and it is activated via the front panel on the hands free basin. A small spout is installed on the right hand corner of the basin and 38mm waste outlet is supplied.

The hands free basin is designed to provide cold water or pre-mixed water.  For hot water use a thermostatic valve to mix hot and cold water to a comfortable temperature of max 41°C. The thermostatic mixer prevents scalding or burning of hands due to too high temperatures.  It also reduces time wasted by operators to wait for the right temperature mix.

Height of the splashback can be customized, recommended height is ±330 mm.  Ideal accessories are hands free soap dispensers and hand dryers which can be installed against a wall next to the hands free basin.

The hands free basin is installed against a wall.  If installing against a dry wall, please install the required fixing brackets inside the wall first (we do not supply these brackets).

All spare parts of the valves are available. The complete system is made in South Africa.

hands free knee operated hand wash basin supplier africa

Knee operated wall hung basin with a self-closing water-saving tap inside. The valve is activated by pressing on the front panel on the basin


Free standing foot operated basin

This unit is free-standing and is fixed to the floor using either raw bolts or standard screws with plugs. It comes complete with the industrial metered self-closing foot valve, stainless steel frame, and basin with chrome plated basin spout. The plumber will connect the valve with the spout using either Polypipe or copper fittings. The valve does not mix hot and cold water so a mixing valve is required.

Dimensions: 520 x 442 x 800mm (without spout)

C-FSB-F Free standing hands free foot operated basin

3 weeks lead time for manufacturing.

Hands free wash basin combo

Hands free wash basins are used in various industries, the most important aim is hygiene, but sometimes practical reasons are also important. Hands free wash basins allow operators to handle expensive or delicate items with both hands and closing the water supply with their feet.

Two hands free wash basin systems are available.

Combo 1: 

  • stainless steel hand wash basin
  • deck mounted spout
  • knee operated demand valve (or foot operated valve).

Combo 2: 

  • stainless steel hand wash basin
  • deck mounted spout
  • knee operated demand valve (or foot operated valve)
  • thermostatic mixing valve (Choice of two thermostatic models)

The knee operated valve does not mix hot and cold water, so if warm water is required, the thermostatic mixing valve will mix the hot and cold water to a maximum temperature of 42°C.  This is also adjustable. The thermostatic mixing valve ensures that operators will not burn their hands.

The knee operated demand valve opens when the lever is pushed sideways with the operators knee and closes as the lever is returned to its static position.  Metered valves are not recommended for these installations.

Components of the hands free wash basin system:

hands free wash knee valve

Knee operated wall mounted hands free valve. A foot operated version is also available.

deck mounted spout with hands free washing

Deck mounted spout

oval a stainless steel basin wall hung franke

Oval A stainless steel basin with wall brackets.

thermostatic valve hot cold water mixer mixing

Thermostatic mixing valve to mix hot and cold water down to 42°C in order to prevent scalding of operators hands

Popular accessories with hands free basins

hand dryer washroom products

Cl-00061 – CLX hands free dryer

automatic hands free soap dispenser

CL-00008 Electronic IR hands free soap dispenser


F-STRX625 Electronic hands free soap dispenser