Thermostatic mixers



CO-EL-X60 manual hot cold mixing valve

The CO-EL-X60 is a manual hot and cold mixing valve. Used mostly with basins. It has a standard 15mm BSP in and outlet so it will fit all standard plumbing fittings. Not suitable for baths as the flow rate will be limited. This is a manual mixing valve, so the setting must be set beforehand. Make sure that the pressure for both hot and cold water is balanced and that they don’t change. A small lever at the top of the valve (see image) is moved to change the ratio between hot water and cold water is mixed. This is the most affordable mixing valve. Ideal for factories, laboratories and even primary schools where safety is important.

mechanical hot cold mixing thermostatic valve




Automatic basin hot and cold water mixing valve

thermostatic valve installation sampleThe hands free system all provide cold water or pre-mixed water.  Hands free valves like the A-BFV and 155K do not mix hot and cold water. For that you need a thermostatic mixing valve.  These valves mix the hot water coming from a geyser and the cold municipal water so that the end user does not have to adjust any settings.  The mixed water is between 15-42°C which is suitable for hand washing without any danger of scalding.

The hot and cold water mixing valve provides effective thermostatic protection, particularly on hand wash basins, either by limiting the maximum hot water temperature to a safe value (< 42°C) or by premixing the water for supply from a faucet without a mixing device (pillar tap, foot valve, demand or metered tap, etc.). It’s easy to install under the washbasin, thereby saving space, and ensures that the desired water temperature remains constant, even in the event of pressure fluctuations.

The thermostatic valve or hot and cold water mixing valve consists of three parts, the main mixing valve and two braided pipes (which are optional). Standard braided pipes can also be used if these are too short.


  • Temperature adjustment 15-46 °C
  • Built-in non-return valves
  • Dirt strainer
  • Flow rate 5 – 12 L/min
  • Operating pressure 1.0 – 5.0 bar
  • Thermal disinfection
  • Max water temperature inlet: 80°C
  • Ideal for pillar taps, foot valves, knee valves and metered taps.
thermostatic valve hot cold water mixer mixing



Dimensions of the mixing valve. Measurements are in mm and thread in inches.

thermostatic mixing valve for hands free washing


The thermostatic valve is installed on top of the hot water outlet and the cold water outlet is connected via flexi-hose pipes to the thermostatic valve


thermostatic valve mixer temperature water adjustment

The temperature range can easily be set by removing the front cap of the mixing valve. The temperature can be set to mix between 15 – 46°C, however, the ideal washing temperature for the food industry is ±41°C.


The thermostatic mixer is easy to install under any basin and fits onto the current angle valves. The mixing valve is installed onto the hot outlet.


Rada Meynell 15/3 Industrial Thermostatic valve

The Rada Meynell 15/3 thermoscopic mixing valve is specified to meet the highest standards of safety, comfort and economy as demanded by todays users. All Rada products are designed, manufactured and supported in accordance with accredited BS EN ISO 9001:1994 Quality Systems. This item covers all Meynell series manufactured from June 1997. The valve has been certified for use in UK Healthcare premises as a Type3 mixing valve under the TMV3 scheme. Where this product is to be used in such an installation particular Application, Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance requirements apply. These are given in the section ‘TYPE 3 VALVES’.

1/2″ point of use thermostatic mixing valve designed to supply temperature controlled hot water to one or possibly two washbasin outlets.

Rada Meynell 15-3 anti scald thermostatic valve




Normal Operating Conditions are considered as:

  • inlet dynamic pressures nominally balanced.
  • daily usage of 1-6 hours.
  • installation and usage environment not subject to extremes of temperature, unauthorised tampering or wilful abuse.

Pressures and Flow Rates

  • Recommended Flow Rate for Basin Applications: 4 to 6 l/min.
  • Maximum Pressure Loss Ratio*: 10:1.
  • Maximum Static Pressure is 10 bar.

Rada Meynell 15/3 operating temperature range

  • Minimum temperature differential between hot and outlet temperature: 10°C
  • Optimum temperature control range: 35 – 45°C
  • Maximum hot water temperature: 85°C (for safety, a recommended hot water
  • storage temperature maintained below 85°C and for ablutionary installations at between 60 to 65°C).
  • Factory pre-set maximum outlet temperature: 42°C.
  • Minimum temperature differential between hot inlet and pre-set outlet temperature: 10°C.
  • Optimum temperature control range: 35 °C – 45 °C.
  • Maximum hot water temperature: 85 °C (for safety reasons it is recommended that the hot water storage temperature is maintained at between 60°C to 65°C in ablutionary applications).

Flow Control

  • The Rada Meynell 15/3 does not have an integral flow control.
  • Separate outlet flow control such as a tap, mechanical timed flow control device or solenoid is required
  • The device chosen should be non-concussive in operation.


  • Inlet and outlet connectors are 15mm compression
  • Hot (H) and Cold (C) inlets are clearly marked and must be connected this way.
  • The inlet connections have integral strainer and check valve units.

 Maximum Temperature

The maximum blend temperature obtainable by the user should be limited, to prevent accidental selection of a temperature that is too hot. The Rada Meynell 15/3 is fully performance tested, and the maximum temperature is preset to approximately 42°C under ideal installation conditions at the factory. Site conditions and personal preference may dictate that the maximum temperature has to be reset following installation.


This product is guaranteed against both faulty materials and manufacturing process for a period of one year from date of purchase, provided that the product has been installed correctly and used in accordance with the instructions in this manual. Any part found to be defective during the guarantee period will be replaced or repaired – at our option – without charge, provided that the product has been properly used and maintained. Routine cleaning and maintenance should be carried out in accordance with instructions supplied. The product should not be modified or dismantled except by a person authorised by the manufacturer. Your statutory rights are not affected by this guarantee. Should there be a warranty claim, please contact us immediately.