Zip ChillMaster and Zip Economaster

Instant chilled water on demand. Whether it be a gym, canteen or factory, the range of chillers and water fountains by Zip are the only option in chilled, filtered** water for staff or public access.


  • For commercial use. The effective way to put chilled filtered** water on tap for staff or public access.
  • Delivers hygienic water at a rate of 42 litres per hour at less than 11°C
  • Plumbed directly to the cold water connection and to waste.
  • Water dispersed by bubbler and carafe spout.
  • Heavy duty, easy to-clean Stainless Steel bowl and Stainless Steel case (Chillmaster) or White Epoxy Coated (Economaster).
  • Filter change reminder lights signals when filter cartridge replacement is due Chillmaster with filter only).
  • Filter cartridges are as quick, simple and hygienic to change as a light bulb (Chillmaster with filter only).
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Chillmaster and Economaster 42L water chillers


  • Upright water chiller plumbed directly to the cold water •
  • Connection with lever-action carafe filler and bubbler. Storage output capacity: rated at 140 glasses per hour at less than 11°C.
  • Rating: 0.3kW.
  • Fan cooled condenser with a compressor rated at 0.25HP.
  • Carafe filler – chrome plated brass lever action tap with swivel head.
  • Bubbler – push action.
  • Chillmaster – brushed finish Stainless Steel outer case with front access panel. • Economaster – White Epoxy Coated outer case with front access panel.
  • Filtration type: triple-action fully encapsulated, carbon activated filter (Chillmaster with filter only).
  • Compressor: Hermetically sealed reciprocating type rated at 0.25HP, 220V, AC 50Hz Single phase.
  • Condenser: Fan cooled copper and aluminium finned type. Evaporator: Sealed copper tank. Storage capacity 1.8 litres cooled by a copper coil inside. • • Refrigerant control: Capillary tube control. No moving parts.
  • Refrigerant: Refrigerant type R134a.
  • Temperature control: Enclosed preset thermostat. Easy accessibility by removing front panel. Electrical connections: Insulated power cable, 2m long, with three prong 15 amp moulded plug.
  • Top: Satin finish 304 Stainless Steel top.
  • Base: 1,2mm Heavy gauge galvanised steel.

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ZIP Chillmaster Stainless Steel (42L Capacity):

ZIP Chillmaster manufactured from grade 304 Stainless Steel top and outer case and supplied complete with a bubbler and carafe spout. Unit to be installed in accordance with manufacturer’s installation instruction manual and (optional) equipped with Zip GlobalPlus Water Filtration Kit (highly recommended for hard-water conditions). TM –

ZIP Economaster White Epoxy Coated Chiller (42L Capacity):

ZIP Economaster top is manufactured in stainless steel and the outer case from Epoxy Powder-Coated Mild Steel, supplied complete with a bubbler and carafe spout. Unit to be installed in accordance with manufacturer’s installation instruction manual and (optional) equipped with Zip GlobalPlus TM. Water Filtration Kit (highly recommended for hard-water conditions).

Chillmaster & Economaster Installation


The units must be positioned where it is easy for users to access. Water, drainage and power should be nearby within length of connections provided. The Chillers must be situated on a level surface. To be installed with clearances of 50 mm to the left, right and rear of unit for good ventilation.


The units must be connected to a 15 amp GPO, 220V – 240 AC power supply and in accordance with South African wiring regulations.


To be installed by a qualified plumber in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions and South African plumbing regulations. Water connections 1.7 mm BSP. Designed for direct connection to a potable cold water supply with minimum pressure of 70 kPa; maximum 600 kPa. If static pressure exceeds 600 kPa, a pressure reducing valve must be fitted.

Maintenance in hard-water areas

In areas where hard water may occur, such as in the eastern and southern coastal regions of South Africa, the product lifespan could be reduced due to build-up of scale. Regular de-scaling should be carried out by a Zip service provider every 6 to 12 months depending on the severity of the conditions.

Zip Chillmaster and Zip Economaster products

Product CodeOld Code New CodeDescriptionDimensions
F-CHILLMASTER-F3800502610026Chillmaster with Includes factory fitted triple action water conditioning filtration system (42 L capacity)346 x 346 x 905 mm
F-CHILLMASTER3800492610025Chillmaster no filter (42 L Capacity)346 x 346 x 905 mm
F-ECONOMASTER3800522610028White epoxy coated drinking fountain chiller (42 L Capacity)346 x 346 x 905 mm
F-4901094901092330288Replacement Filter Cartridge (ZIP49008)
F-4809624809622330276Zip Global Plus water Filtration Kit complete with head, flexi hoses, filter, non-return valve, Restrict-A-Flow valve
F-4809604809602330274Replacement Zip GlobalPlus TM. Water Filtration Cartridge 0.2 micron - 11.356 Litres filtration @ 3.8 litres per minute
F-23302754809612330275Zip Global Plus Filter Head plus flexi hoses

How to install a Zip Chillmaster water chiller

Essential accessories to be installed

These water chillers are sensitive machines and can be damaged or stop working if the water is dirty or if the water pressure is too high. You might use municipal water but there are small particles in the water that can damage the solenoids. Water pressure is also a problem. Normal municipal water pressure during the day is 1-4 bar but this can increase to 8bar at night when nobody is using water.

inline strainer tap protector

WC-STR-15 – Inline strainer to protect taps, mixers and valves from dirt damaging the inner mechanisms

pressure regulator water gauge

Standard pressure regulator. 1.5 – 7.0 bar pressure