Prisma Classic under counter geyser

The Prisma Classique under counter geyser is ideal for domestic and medical applications where small quantities of hot water is instantly and readily available. The Classique range have a shiny non-corrosive outer casing, which provides aesthetic appeal and will not discolour over time.


  • Small compact 10L unit to fit under kitchen work surface
  • Optional with tap with safety pressure valve (SS-PMX-74)
  • Instant hot water available
  • White finish
  • Glass lined inner cylinder offering long life
  • Thick polyurethane foam insulation to reduce heat loss
  • Easy installation


  • Operating Pressure: 0 kPa
  • Design: Under kitchen counter installation
  • Size: 10 L
  • Supplied with: Electrical cord with 230V 15Amp plug, mounting bracket, safety valve, wall plugs and screws.
  • 1500 W element
  • Heating time: 26 minutes for 55°C change in temperature.

This small geyser cannot be used without the proprietary deck mounted mixer (SS-PMX-74)

undercounter under counter geyser kwikot

Diagram of the small under counter geyser. Comes in only in 10 L.

under counter geyser water heater kwikot Prisma Classique

Kitchen sink mixer for connecting the under counter 10L Kwikot Prisma Classique water heater (geyser). This mixer has a pressure release valve to protect the geyser’s tank from cracking when the water is heated.

For the efficient supply of hot water at the point of use, under counter geyser is installed under a sink, basin or prep bowl with the use of a tap mixer (or with optional kitchen sink mixer with safety pressure valve KK-PMX-74). Installed at the point of use the water heater eliminates long waiting periods for hot water, thus conserving water and energy. The neat and durable outer casing of the under counter geyser is finished in appliance white. Units are fitted with an externally adjustable temperature control setting of up to 75ºC. The recommended setting is 60ºC. Units are tested to IEC 60335-2-21 safety specification and IPX4 rated.

Prisma under counter geyser warranty

  • 1 Year on the inner cylinder and element thermostat from date of installation and subject to water conditions equivalent to main metropolitan supply authorities.
  • Warranty is applicable from date of purchase and validated by means of a purchase invoice and the submittance of a completed warranty card to Kwikot (card is supplied with the unit).
  • 1 Year on the Element, Thermostat and Temperature & Relief Valve.
  • The under counter geyser warranty is applicable in the following countries: South Africa, Namibia, Lesotho, Swaziland and Botswana.
  • The sacrificial anode must be checked every six months for degradation and replaced if necessary.