Toilet cisterns

Stainless steel cistern specifications

The stainless steel cistern is one of the most versatile flushing units available on the market.  It is used in conjuction with various other stainless steel systems such as:

  • SS-PAN-FM, F-HCL Pedestal pan
  • The Stainless steel squat pan but in high level configuration.
  • CMPX594 Stainless Steel wall hung WC pan.
  • The EC Combination Bedpan and Wash-Up Sink in high level configuration
  • The EL Sluice Sink in high level cistern configuration
  • The stainless steel Slop hopper in high level cistern configuration
  • The Slop Hopper Combo unit also in high level design

The stainless Steel cistern will hold 11 litres of water which is enough for most sanitary applications.  Dimensions is 490 x 336 x 150 mm and is made from grade 304 (18/10) stainless steel. The lid is fixed to the base with two screws to increase security.  In locations where security or vandalism is a problem, the stainless steel cistern can be placed behind the pan wall.  Actuation of the cistern can then be done by a modified lever through the wall (must be done on site).


  • Grade 304 (18/10) Stainless Steel
  • Low or high level cistern.
  • Low level cistern complete with PVC flush pipe and Supa Flush Valve
  • High level cistern complete with supa flush valve and chain
  • 11 Litres high or low level cistern

There are two versions of the cistern; the low level cistern and high level cistern.

Low level stainless steel cistern components

  • PVC Flush Pipe
  • Supa Flush Valve and
  • Ball valve

High level stainless steel cistern components

  • Stainless steel 1700 mm flush pipe
  • Supa flush valve with chain
  • Ball valve toilet flush mechanism

Franke stainless steel cistern

Grade 304 stainless steel cistern shell botswana zambia

The stainless steel toilet cistern can be used as low level cistern or high level cistern on toilets, slop hoppers and sluice sinks.


Vandal resistant duct plastic cistern

The 6L duct cistern comes complete with lid, fittings, push button mechanism and duct flush pipe to connect to the toilet with extended inlet and outlet pipes. It must be used with a back entry toilet pan. The cistern is designed to flush effectively on 6 litres subject to being installed with a pan providing an effective 6 litre flush. Plastic cistern weight 2.5kg.

Duct cistern with stainless steel toilet

Optional stainless steel pedestal pan with a duct plastic vandal resistant cistern

Duct cistern back to wall pan

Optional Back to wall stainless steel pan with a duct plastic vandal resistant duct cistern

button duct cistern ceramic concealed vandal resistant prison toilet

Diagram of the ceramic duct cistern with push button