Prison basin and toilet combo unit

Stainless steel prison basin combo

This unit is designed to suit most prisons. It saves space especially in cramped prison cells. The integrated basin is large enough for most hygiene tasks and comes with a 40 mm bath waste.

The toilet pan can either be ordered to the right, left or centre of the basin. Position of the pan is usually determined by the placement of doors and bed inside the prison cell.

The toilet is activated with a duct type flush valve such as the

  • WC-103LC
  • WC-104LC
  • WC-106LC

The selection of the valve will depend on the pressure of the water and plumbing restrictions of the building. The recommended option is the WC-104LC as it has an isolating valve for easy maintenance.

The flush valve activation button is placed to the side of the prison toilet and basin combo.  The basin water spout is also activated through pressing a WC-155UWS metered valve. The valve can be placed to the side of the prison toilet and basin combo, in the splashback next to the spout or against the wall (recommended as it is the easiest).

Prison toilet wc basin combination back to wall stainless steel supplier africa

NOTE: The prison toilet and basin combo does not come with any plumbing fittings. These must be obtained separately and fitted by a competent plumber.


prison toilet basin combo

Side view of the prison toilet and basin combo

prison toilet basin combo

Front view of the prison basin and toilet combo

prison toilet basin combo

Top view of the prison basin and toilet combo

The basin is usually combined with the WC-155UWS concealed valve with the BBD/15 drinking spout.

toilet flush valve for prisons

The Walcro 155UWS flush metering valve is designed for high vandal areas. The buttom is protected by a stainless steel sleeve.

walcro bbd15 drinking spout prison security basin bathroom vandal resistant

The BBD/15 spout serves as drinking fountain or standard spout.

HDTX850 prison basin combination

Prison toilet and basin combo is especially designed for high security installations where vandalism is a risk and safety of the individuals are priority.  The Model HDTX850 prison toilet and basin combo is ideally suited for the application.

Two models are available:

  • HDTX850 with concealed toilet paper holder
  • HDTX851 without the concealed toilet paper holder

The HDTX850 and HDTX851 is 390 x 322 x 955 mm and is manufactured from Grade 304 (18/10) Stainless Steel, 1,2mm gauge pan and basin, with 1,6mm gauge pedestal.

The basin is integrated into the unit with a standard 40 mm bath waste. It comes with a 150 mm splashback where a push button metered valve (WC-155UWS) and a small drinking spout fountain combo (WC-BBD/15) can be installed.

Fittings of the unit is optional but the following fittings can be orders as a whole (FR-HDTX850-FIT):

  • Basin valve complete KM1.OO
  • Basin valve complete FJ4.203F
  • Spare Flexi-hose 15mm x 600mm connector
  • Walcro Basin Spout 15MM

The pan can be positioned to the left, right or centre of the bowl.

prison combination toilet hand wash basin


prison toilet basin combo unit

The prison toilet and basin combo can be installed to the left, right or centre. Please specify when ordering.

Further options are built in toilet roll holder fixed into the pedestal of the unit.

Optional internal flanges with 8 mm holes for securing rods that are fixed to the internal stainless steel frame inside the wall (Optional).

toilet security frame built-in

prison toilet frame fixing unit stainless steel

Compliant with SABS 1733:1998 and SABS 497:1991 WC pan to flush with 4 and 6 litres of water. Pan to withstand point load of 400kg as per international standards.

franke security toilet prison basin combination

HDTX850 Prison toilet and basin combination diagram from the side. Note the extended outlet pipe for easy access in the duct. Fittings are not shown and are optional.

prison toilet back view diagram measurements suppliers south africa

Back entry diagram of the HDTX850 prison toilet and basin combo.