Laboratory sinks

Polypropylene laboratory sinks

Chemical resistant sinks and waste fittings are injection moulded from polypropylene copolymer to ensure a consistent quality. Polypropylene has superior resistance to numerous acids, alkaline, reagents, solvents and also UV light making it ideal for use in today’s demanding laboratories, schools, universities, hospitals and industrial factories.

Polypropylene sinks have the following advantages:

  • High chemical resistance
  • UV resistance
  • Light weight
  • Impact and crack resistance
chemical resistant Polypropylene laboratory-sinks

Chemical and UV resistant polypropylene under mount laboratory sink 558x355x240mm bowl size 503x300x238mm.

Fireclay ceramic laboratory sinks

The Vaal laboratory sinks come in two sizes: 520 x 480 x 200 mm and a smaller 435 x 335 x 180mm rectangular sink without overflow. Both laboratory sinks come with a centre back waste outlet. These sinks are often used as a butler sinks in residential kitchens. They is made from standard ceramic. Custom sizes are not available as this is a baked mold. The laboratory sink can be fitted with two types of wastes; a standard waste for normal use. Acid resistant waste is discontinued.

Large laboratory sink – now discontinued.

vaal lab sink laboratory 600x400x200mm hospital

Fireclay hospital or laboratory sink



Laboratory sink fireclay 236100 Vaal diagram

Large laboratory sink diagram

Small laboratory sink

vaal small lab sink 234500 laboratory ceramic white

Small fireclay hospital or laboratory sink
Use standard CO-308/N waste (FWARBS11-0GT01)

small vaal lab sink dimensions

Small lab sink dimensions

Small ceramic laboratory sink

laboratory sink ceramic

Small ceramic laboratory sink with 90mm basket strainer waste.


Stainless steel laboratory sinks

The stainless steel lab sink is made from industrial grade 304 stainless steel 1.6mm thick. The most common size is 900 x 455 x 235 mm but we can customize the sink to any size. Single bowl versions are also available.

stainless steel double laboratory sink lab hospital supplier grade 304

Double stainless steel hospital laboratory sink

Double stainless steel lab sink dimensions

Double stainless steel lab sink dimensions