Hands free taps and mixers


Foot tap for hands free wash basins

The AF-BFV demand floor hands free tap is ideal for heavy industrial hands free use. Specially designed to withstand heavy duty use with stainless steel box and rubber protective foot contact diaphragm. A single foot tap can be connected with two 15 mm flexible hoses.  The A-FV-BOX stainless steel boxed foot tap will supply cold water only but it can be used in conjunction with the Rada Meynell 15/3 or Grohtherm thermostatic mixer to provide scald free hot water for the user.

The AF-BFV foot tap is often used with Slab sinks.  The Knee operated sink is also changed to a foot operated, hands free,  sink with this item.

Note that this foot tap does not mix hot and cold water. You need a thermostatic valve to pre-mix the hot and cold water.  Thermostatic valves have the advantage of reducing the water to a maximum of 41°C.  This is deemed a safe temperature so that operators do not scald/burn their hands during use.

The alternative to the foot tap is a knee valve or knee tap. Other taps for hands free operation are infrared taps (IR taps) that work with either batteries or 240V power. The disadvantage is that people still tend to touch or adjust the IR tap which defies the whole object of having a hands free system.

The Boxed Foot Valve is now discontinued. We are working on a replacement.

foot valve water hand wash free pedal faucet tap

Boxed foot valve for hands free washing. No hot/cold mixing

Inlet and outlet boxed foot valve

Inlet and outlet of the boxed foot valve. One inlet, one outlet. No mixing of hot and cold water

Hands free boxed foot valve bottom fixing plate

A-BFV bottom fixing plate

Installing a thermostatic valve with the boxed foot valve

Installation diagram of the Boxed Foot Valve with a thermostatic mixer. For single basin use the Grohtherm, for up to three basins use the Rada Meynell 15/3 thermostatic valve to mix hot and cold water. In critical applications please use a temperature and pressure gauge (WC-508-001) or just temperature gauge (WC-TMP80). The basin and the deck mounted spout are optional items.

AF-BFV demand foot valve installation diagram

Knee valve for hands free hand washing

Knee valve for hands free washing.  Can be mounted onto a brick wall.  Suitable for most wall mounted hand wash basins.  Provides cold water or pre-mixed water only.

The C-KV is a demand metered valve.  You need to hold the lever to one side in order for the water to flow. Once the knee operated valve is released the water stops flowing.

Pressure range: 30 kPa – 100 kPa.

Not suitable for sea water. Please use only with palatable filtered water.  Installation of a filter before the unit will prolong the lifespan of the internal mechanism.

For hot water please install a thermostatic mixer as in the diagrams provided.

hands free wash knee valve

C-KV – Knee operated hands free tap

knee valve diagram measurement size

Walcro SSP15 high neck basin spout diagram installation hands free tap

Hands free tap operation with the knee tap or knee valve. Any basin is suitable as long as there is space for the knee valve.

cold water hands free wash basin system hands free

Knee valve basic installation

hands free basin combination system food industry

Knee valve with thermostatic valve for pre-mixing hot and cold water

Euroeco Cosmopolitan E infra-red tap specification

Infra-red electronic basin mixer 1/2″ without mixing device – Cold water or pre-mixed water only (Pre-mixed water provided through a thermostatic mixer like the GR-34487000 or Meynell 15/3). The infra-red tap comes with a plug transformer 100-230 V AC, 50-60 Hz, 6 V DC. The unit is for single hole installation only so it fits on basins that require only 1 tap hole. 230V and 6 V versions are available.  The battery and solenoid valve are installed below the wash basin for ease of maintenance. The 230V unit (GR-36269000 must be used with the power supply GR-36338000)

There are 7 pre-set programs:

  • 24/72 hours autoflush
  • time or user dependent
  • cleaning mode
  • safety stop after 60 sec.

Additional functions by remote control 36 206 000:

  • adjustable flow time
  • adjustable reflection range by remote
  • activation of thermal disinfection for 3.5 or 11 min by hand
grohe infra red commercial 230V 6V battery operated 36269000

GR-36269000 – 230V + GR-36338000
GR-36271000 – 6V
Infra Red hands free sensor tap

The infra-red tap has a flow rate of  5.7 l/min and uses cold or premixed water only.  Use a thermostatic mixer such as the Rada Meynell 15/3 to provide mixed anti-scalding water in industrial and commercial environments.

The infra-red tap comes with flexible connection hose and includes a non-return valve. The solenoid valve is external, so make sure there is enough space below the vanity top to install the solenoids. Also make sure that the solenoids can be access for maintenance. Dirt strainers are included.

The Euroeco Cosmopolitan E is CE approved

Where to use infra-red taps

Most often infra-red taps are used in commercial applications such as restaurants, shopping mall and hotels.  These taps prevent people accidentally leaving the tap open and wasting valuable water.  The two Euroeco models do not mix water, so pre-mixing is required especially in high end applications such as in hotels and restaurants. Pre-mixing can easily be done with thermostatic mixers and if more than 5 units are used it might be more economical to install a thermostatic mixer.

Pre-mixing hot and cold water – use thermostatic valves

The Grohe Euroeco Cosmopolitan E can provide warm water below 42°C if it is connected with a thermostatic mixer. Depending on the volume required i.e. 2 different thermostatic mixers can be used.  A thermostatic valve needs to be installed between the angle valve and solenoid valve in order to supply pre-mixed hot water. The water temperature is also limited to 42°C.

thermostatic valve hot cold water mixer mixing

GR-THERM – Suitable for 1 basin

mechanical hot cold mixing thermostatic valve

Mechanic hot/cold mixer. No automatic temperature control

thermostatic mixing hot cold tap valve

Rada Meynell 15/3 suitable for up to 3 basins

Protecting you taps and valves from dirt and high pressure

Dirt and high pressures are a major problem and the main cause for malfunctioning taps and valves.  Please install an inline dirt strainer before each unit.  The AF-BFV does come with both.

inline strainer tap protector

Inline strainer to protect taps, mixers and valves from dirt damaging the inner mechanisms

Pressure regulating valve - Tap and valve protector

Pressure regulating valve – keeps water pressure between 1 – 5.5 bar which is safe for taps and valves.