Basin Spouts

W-BBD65 basin fountain spout

The Walcro BBD15 is ideal for spout drinking fountain combination.  Due to its size it is also difficult to remove or damage by vandals.  It can be built into a wall for more security.  The Walcro 155UWS concealed sleeved valve is recommended to use with this spout.  See images for instructions and basin use.


  • For use as basin spout and drinking fountain
  • Ideally suited for shopping malls, sports arenas, factories and vandal prone areas
  • Highly recommended for school dressing rooms
  • Small spout so difficult to remove by vandals
  • Made in South Africa




Basin spouts for hands free washing

The basin spout is ideal for hands free operation.  Designed not to take to much space up and enough reach into the basin so that operators can wash their hands without touching a lever.  This is essential in hygiene sensitive areas such as hospitals and food processing industries.  The spout must be used in conjunction with a foot or knee operated lever in order to supply the water.


  • 15 mm Basin spout.
  • Fits all major basins.
  • Ideal for use with foot or knee valves for hands free hand washing
  • Commonly used in food processing industries.
  • Combine with thermostatic valve for mixed warm water
deck mounted basin spout for hands free washing

Deck mounted spout without flow control.

Basin swivel spout

Deck mounted swivel spout for hands free washing. Activated by a foot or knee valve. Water saving flow control optional with fine aerator to minimize splash.