Stainless steel wash troughs

Wall hung single wash trough

High quality made grade 304 stainless steel wall hung wash trough is designed to be a work horse.  Made with industrial grade stainless steel it is suitable for industrial and commercial use. It is also ideal for residential use, for instance, just outside the kitchen door for use as a utility wash trough.

  • Outer dimensions: 630 x 470 x 240 mm
  • Bowl size: 540 x 380 x 240 mm
  • Comes with wall hung brackets in mild steel (Galvanised)

Small bib taps can be placed in the corner of the sink.  For larger mixers wall mounting is recommended.

Depending on application, use demand bib taps or metered bib taps.

The bracket is made from galvanized steel, so if the wash trough is to be used in corrosive areas we recommend dropping it in a work surface. Wall mounting outside in coastal areas is also not recommended and the brackets might show signs of rust.

washtrough wash trough large sink kitchen hand wash franke stainless steel kwikot metal steel basin

Large wall mounted wash trough made from industrial grade 304 (18/10) stainless steel. Ideal for factories and kitchen sculleries.

stainless steel washtrough industrial basin

stainless steel wash trough wall hung LDL franke kwikot africa supplier

Large wall hung wash trough with outer dimensions: 630 x 470 x 240 mm and inner bowl dimensions: 540 x 380 x 240 mm

Franke Model HRT Half Round Wash Trough

Franke Model HRT Half Round Wash Trough comes in two standard lengths 1500 mm or 1800 mm. Both models are 510mm wide. The HRT half round wash trough is made from Grade 304 (18/10) Stainless Steel,1,2mm gauge (thick). The wash trough is supplied with a 75mm high splash back and tiling key to the back and both ends, with one 40mm waste outlet on left or right hand side. The HRT half round wash trough is designed to be mounted on 40x40mm galvanised mild steel square tubing framework, with 100x40x30mm galvanised mild steel flat section cleats welded to back and sides for fixing to walls. Unit to be manufactured complete with one front leg with chrome plated adjustable foot piece.

Taps for HRT half round wash trough

The taps used will depend on the application.  Mostly wall mounted taps are recommended since taps cannot be installed on top of the wash trough.  If the wash trough sole function is hand washing then self closing taps are recommended to reduce water consumption.

If objects are washed inside the wash trough, a foot valve can be installed or standard bib tap.

In order to provide heated or pre-mixed water, the Rada Meyenell 15/3 thermostatic anti-scald valve must be installed.


  • Manufactured from Grade 304 (18/10) Stainless Steel, 1,2mm gauge
  • One 40mm waste outlet minimising plumbing costs (either to left or right)
  • 75mm high splash back
  • Gallows brackets for fixing to a brick wall
  • One front leg
  • Made in South Africa
franke ldl wash trough hand basin wall hung stainless steel

HRT half round wash trough with one front leg. Ideal for industrial and commercial applications. Outlet either to the left or right only. Made from stainless steel which makes it durable and is suitable for coastal regions. Often used in meat and clothing industries.


BWT Blanket wash trough specification

The BWT Blanket Wash trough is one of the most versatile basins/sinks available on the market.  It is used in so many industries for a variety of applications.  It has been used in laundries for cleaning and soaking carpets, blankets and other large household items.  It is often used in Agricultural labs where large amounts of plant material need to be cleaned. The BWT Blanket wash trough has even been used in meat processing units, and finally, it is great to place a whole lot of cold beers into it.

BWT Blanket Wash Trough is standard 1300x495x300mm. It is made from grade 304 (18/10) Stainless Steel,1,2mm gauge. Radiused internal corners and sloped front, with 40mm waste outlet. The unit is also supplied with two Stainless Steel gallows brackets with front legs. The fixing options can be changed so please ask for a quote.

Features :

  • Manufactured from Grade 304 (18/10) Stainless Steel 1,2mm gauge
  • One 40mm waste outlet minimising plumbing costs
  • Supplied with gallows brackets and front leg
  • 22 Work day lead time for manufacturing if there is no stock.

Franke BWT blanket wash trough


BWT Blanket wash trough with tap holes

The BWT blanket wash trough can be converted so that two taps can be installed in the back of the wash trough.  This is ideal if wall mounted taps are not suitable.

Popular taps used in this case are :

  • IR (infra red) hands free taps, especially in the food industry or where hygiene is important.
  • Foot operated  metered valves
  • Knee operated metered valves
  • Standard pillar taps or mixers (not recommended for heavy industrial or commercial use)




SIRX Inset or wall mounted wash troughs

Franke Model SIRX342, SIRX-002 or SIRX-003 range of Wash Troughs. They are made from 1.2 mm thick Grade 304 (18/10) Stainless Steel. The bowls are pressed to 500 x 450 x 240 mm (each holding 43 liters) with a 40 mm waste outlet.  The SIRX342 is a single bowl unit and the SIRX-002 has two identical bowls while the SIRX-003 has three identical bowls. Two basic types of SIRX wash troughs are available. Inset or wall hung.  The inset type does not come with feet or gallows brackets.  The wall hung come with gallows brackets and front feet. The single bowl SIRX342 has an optional wall fixing bracket and does not come with gallows bracket or feet.

The unit can be fixed to a wall using the following gallows bracket options

  • Gallows brackets manufactured from electro-galvanised 25mm square mild steel tubing (not recommended for heavy industrial use, not shown)
  • Gallows brackets manufactured from 25mm square Stainless Steel tubing (not recommended for heavy industrial use, not shown)
  • Gallows brackets and front legs manufactured from electro-galvanised 25mm square mild steel tubing
  • Gallows brackets and front legs manufactured from 25mm square Stainless Steel tubing

Note that using Gallows brackets on dry walls is not recommended unless there is adequate support inside the dry wall.

On optional splashback can be requested to install at the back of the unit, please specify height.  This is only used where hygiene is important, however the back of the wall can also be tiled for easy cleaning. In most cases wall taps are used for the wash troughs.

Depending on the type of use and materials that will be drained off, standard bottle traps are not recommended.  Rather use rubber or 40mm PVC traps with a large bend to prevent blockage.  bathroom basin p-traps tend to accumulate particles and block easily with wash troughs.

SIRX342 Single bowl wash trough

Sirx342 single bowl wash trough 318619

Wash trough for inset or wall mounted (use 300367 fixing brackets). Made from grade 304 stainless steel, 1.2mm gauge.

Sirx342 wash trough brackets franke 300367

Franke fixing bracket for SIRX wash troughs.

Sirx342 wash trough diagram

SIRX002 Double bowl wash trough


FR-SIRX002 + FR-SIRX002-010

Franke SIRX002 wash trough wall mount gallows brackets

FR-SIRX002 + FR-SIRX002-011

SIRX003 Triple bowl wash trough


FR-SIRX003 + FR-SIRX002-010


FR-SIRX003 + FR-SIRX002-011

Recommended taps are wall mounted demand metering taps such as the Walcro 101 or Walcro 101H.  Concealed metering taps are also available such as the Walcro 155 range which is used with a wall mounted spout.

Plastic wash trough

Plastic wash troughs are ideal for residential type installations if stainless steel is not affordable. These units must be wall mounted. Quick installation tips: No rawl-bolts , fisher plugs or fixation bolts will ever secure to a hollow block wall correctly. Should the structure have hollow blocks please ensure that threaded rod is installed with Kwik-set cement or a strong epoxy allowing the mixture to dry before installing the unit. The best option is threaded rod drilled through the wall with washers to take the weight. Revert back to Kwik-set cement or epoxy if tiles are behind the exterior wall and drilling right through the wall is not an option due to potential property damage. Please check epoxy drying times as well as Kwik-set cement and adhere to the timelines before carrying out the installation

plastic wash trough

Plastic wash trough

Plastic wash trough dimensions

Plastic wash trough dimensions
626 x 450 x 366 mm ±3.5kg


Recommended tap to use with SIRX type wash troughs

wall mounted metered bib tap walcro 101r

Walcro 101R – self closing wall mounted bib tap

walcro 101d wall mounted bib tap demand industrial

Walcro 101D demand bib tap. Closes when top button is released.