Drip sink

A Drip sink or cleaner sink is used in factories, hospitals, laundries, mining, schools, public ablutions and many more places. They are designed to clean mops and are used to empty waste from buckets during washing. These units are all wall mounted. Taps are wall mounted above the sink to help flush the waste away. Standard wastes are used but models with larger wastes are called slop hoppers.

LDS Drip sink

The LDS drip sinks is ideal for janitor work.  It is wall mounted and serves as a standard deep wash basin with the advantage of a bucket grid (with 10 mm round bars) which can be swiveled upwards. The sink is 600 x 505 x 250 mm and manufactured from Grade 304 (18/10) stainless steel 0,9mm thick and with a 40mm waste outlet. The drip sink is mounted to the wall with stainless steel Eagle brackets which is supplied with the sink.

Install the drip sink 600 mm from the top of the rim to the floor.  This is slightly lower than normal sinks but essential for comfortable working procedures, especially when lifting a heavy bucket full of water up to the drip sink.

For a more industrial strength drip sink use the DSG Drip sink or cleaner sink.

There are two types of taps recommended, both are wall mounted as deck mounted taps are not recommended. Once can either use the metered 101R self closing bib tap or the 101D demand bib tap which is also wall mounted (see images below)


  • Serves as drip sink and basin
  • Wall mounted
  • Pressed bowls
  • Bucket grid
  • Strong 1.2mm stainless steel
  • SS-LDS – Standard with galvanized gallows brackets
  • SS-LDS-GB – Standard with stainless steel gallows brackets
  • SS-LDS-GBFF – Standard with stainless steel gallows brackets and two front feet.
lds drip sink franke 350960

LDS Drip sink with stainless steel gallows brackets. Galvanized brackets and optional front feet also available on request.

lds drip sink dimensions stainless steel industrial manufacturer

Industrial DSG drip sink

The DSG drip sink is an industrial strength sink designed especially for high maintenance areas such as hospitals and clinics where regular cleaning and intense use is required.

Dimensions: 530 x 490 x 200 mm. The DSG drip sink is made from 1.2 mm grade 304 918/10) stainless steel which is suitable for most industrial applications. A small 100 mm splashback is integrated to the back increasing hygiene and reduces marks against the wall. A bucket grid is standard on the DSG drip sink and is made of 10 mm stainless steel. The whole unit is fixed against a sturdy wall (not dry wall) with space for 4 anchor bolts (not supplied).

Installation: Install the DSG 600 mm from the top of the bowl to the floor.  Higher installations is not recommended as it is uncomfortable for people to lift heavy water buckets onto the unit. Recommended taps to be used.

  • W-101R: A metered bib tap which is self closing after a maximum of 8 seconds.
  • W-100D: A demand bib tap which closes as soon as the button of the tap is released (recommended tap).
hospital drip sink cleaner franke stainless steel supplier 2630023 350950 dsg

Industrial hospital drip sink or cleaner sink with 90mm basket strainer waste.

DSG Drip sink top view dimensions

DSG Drip sink top view dimensions


DSG drip sink side view dimensions

Dimensions side view dimensions


Drip sink basin combination

The Franke drip sink basin combination is manufactured from 1.2 mm grade 304 stainless steel. The outer dimensions are 961 x 550 mm. A 100 mm integrated splashback is standard. Comes with a hinged bucket grid 10 mm thick.

The unit is designed for wall mounting and comes with two stainless steel gallows brackets.

The drip sink basin combination can be ordered as left hand (sink to the left) or right hand (sink to the right) versions.

Taps can be mounted to the right and or left of the small basin. Most common taps are metered pillar taps (see two samples below) supplying only cold water or pre-mixed water using a thermostatic mixing valve.

Ideally the drip sink basin combination must be installed 850 mm from the top to the floor. Don not install higher as it might be difficult to lift containers up on top of the drip sink.  The total height of the drip sink basin combination is 741 mm, so that is the lowest the unit can be installed.


  • Grade 304 (18/10) stainless steel
  • Pressed drip sink bowl
  • Pressed hand wash basin
  • Hinged bucket grid
  • F-DSBC-RHU – 2630025-001 – (350955) Right hand wash basin and left-hand drip sink bowl
  • F-DSBC-LHU – 2630025 – (350954) left hand wash basin and right-hand drip sink bowl.
Drip sink right hand for hospitals 2630025

F-DSBC-RHU – 2630025-001
Franke Drip sink basin combo

hospital drip sink dimensions

Drip sink basin combo top dimensions

Drip sink combination diagram measurements

Franke Drip sink basin combo front measurements

Fireclay ceramic drip sink

Vaal Sanitaryware ceramic fireclay drip sink, 540 x 460 x 180 mm, with resin pad and chrome plated bucket grating with rubber stops. Remember to request the waste. Standard chrome plated waste or acid resistant black waste.

fireclay ceramic hospital vaal drip cleaner sink 239013 vaalsan

Fireclay ceramic hospital drip sink

drip sink dimensions ceramic white

hospital ceramic drip sink dimensions



Recommended taps to be used with drip sinks or cleaner sinks

Deck mounted metered pillar tap industrial

W-101R Pillar tap for cold water or pre-mixed water only.

deck mounted tap for drip sinks

WC-420 Deck mounted pillar tap for cold water or pre-mixed water only


W-101D wall mounted demand bib tap. The tap closes as soon as the button is released.


Walcro 101R metered wall mounted bib tap. The water will keep on running for up to 8 seconds after which is switches of automatically.