Wall mounted water chiller

The wall mounted drinking fountain water chiller is ideal for factories, gyms, offices and schools. It comes with a pre-installed bubbler to drink water from and a carafe spout for filling cups with water or water bottles.

The drinking fountain will provide 42 l/hr chilled water between 8 – 12 °C. The unit comes pre-installed with a triple action water conditioning filtration system.

The drinking fountain must be installed against a wall in such a way that the top is at least 800 mm high.  The bubbler and the carafe spout come on the left hand side of the unit and are factory installed.


  • Wall mounted
  • Complete with bubbler and carafe spout
  • Includes triple action water conditioning filtration system
  • Ideal for factories, gyms, offices

wall mounted drinking foutain

Compressor:Hermetically sealed reciprocating tape HP 220V AC, 580 Hz phase.
Condenser:Fan Cooled copper and aluminium finned type
Evaporator:Sealed copper tank, Storage capacity 2.0 litres cooled by copper coil inside
Electrical Connections:Insulated power cable, 2 metres long, with three rong 15 Amp moulded plug.
Water Supply:Min 140kPa - Max 400kPa
RefrigerantRefridgerant Type R134A
Refrigerant ControCapillary tube control. No moving parts
Temperature ControlEnclosed preset thermostat. Easy accessibility by removing front panel.
TopGrade 304 satin finish Stainless Steel top
Base1.6mm Heavy gauge galvanised Steel
Dimensions345 x 465 x 745 mm
FinishStainless Steel
DescriptionWM42 Wall Mounted Chiller
old product code380047
New product code2610024
Order codeFR-CHILL-WM

wall mounted chiller diagram

wall mounted chiller front view diagram

wall mounted chiller side view diagram

wall mounted chiller top view diagram