One of the biggest problems these days are people breaking sanitary ware in public places. So you have replaced your toilets for the fifth time.

This happens in factories, mining , schools, public malls, hospitals and many other public buildings.  The only vandal resistant toilets are made from stainless steel. Ceramic toilets are dangerous if broken since the edges are hard and very sharp.

There are various models of vandal resistant toilets, ranging from back to wall, wall hung and floor mounted. Each can be supplied with water with either a standard cistern, high level cistern and a plethora of flush valves.

Let us explain the various vandal resistant toilets available with the flushing mechanisms that go with them in order for you to make a confident choice.

Floor mounted vandal resistant toilet system

The floor mounted toilet is one of the most popular stainless steel toilets on the market. Not only is it cost effective, but it is easy to install and the flushing mechanism choice is also the largest. There are two basic floor mounted WC pans available, the HCL and the SWC floor mounted pans (they are also referred to as pedestal pans).  Both these pans can recieve the following flushing systems:

  • Standard stainless steel cisterns
  • High level cisterns
  • Exposed flush valves
  • Concealed flush valves and
  • Duct installed flush valves.
Please note: If you are installing a toilet in a vandal prone area, do not install toilet seats. The best you can do is to install wooden slats, however these can also be broken off.  The ideal is the bare minimum, just the stainless steel toilet as in the images below.
Stainless steel toilet vandal proof grade 304

The SWC pedestal pan or floor mounted pan. Slightly more modern designed toilet.

Franke HCL pedestal toilet pan 356084 356072 toalete stainless steel vandal resistant

The HCL pedestal pan. The more conventional vandal resistant toilet with more rounded corners. Also available with wooden slats instead of toilet seat.


Back to wall shrouded prison toilets

The most effective toilet against vandals must be the toilets used in prisons. These are also used in the most vandal prone situations, holding cells. This is the area where inmates are very angry and want to break anything to vent their anger.  The ultimate stainless steel vandal proof toilet is the HDTX597. It is a back to wall toilet and comes in 4 configurations:

  1. Standard shrouded back to wall, external flanges
  2. Back to wall shrouded pan with external flanges and 250 mm extended inlet and outlet pipes
  3. Standard shrouded back to wall pan with internal flanges
  4. Back to wall shrouded pan with internal flanges and 250 mm extended inlet and outlet pipes.

Toilet flush valves used with the shrouded pan are mostly duct types and in wall concealed boxed types.  There is no reason to install a shrouded pan with an exposed toilet flush valve.

prison toilet vandal resistant

Wall hung stainless steel toilets

Wall hung pans are popular because of floor hygiene.  There are four models to choose from

  • CMPX592 – Standard wall hung toilet
  • CMPX594 – Paraplegic wall hung toilet
  • SWC – Modern wall hung toilet
  • SAPX597 – Hi security police prison wall hung toilet

All four models can be connected to various flushing mechanisms but the most used are the duct type systems.  This is where the flush mechanism is installed behind a wall and is operated by a small button encased in stainless steel for extra security.

These toilets do not come with seats as one might expect. Since the whole toilet is completely enclosed due to security reasons, any seat must be fixed at the factory.  An access hatch can be installed on the side of the toilet if a seat is required.




CMPX594 Disabled

prison toilet vandal resistant


sapx597 vandal proof stainless steel toilet