Cobra 515/055-21 wall mounted elbow action medical tap

Cobra 515/055-21 wall mounted elbow action medical tap is one of the more versatile medical taps on the market. It is used in most hospitals, clinics, doctors rooms, laboratories, food factories and veterinary clinics. The left hand tap is for warm water and right hand tap is for cold water. The Cobra 515/055-21 does not mix hot and cold water, so it is not a mixer like the Cobra 508 range. It is advised that a thermostatic valve is connected to the hot inlet in order to prevent scalding when the user is washing their hands. The spout can also be moved to the left or to the right.

As with all industrial medical taps spares are available.

Extensive spares are available:

  • Blue head part complete CO-S-21-CLOCK.
  • Red head part complete CO-S-21-ANTI.
  • Blue head part only CO-S-21-1CLOCK.
  • Red head part only CO-S-21-2ANTI.
  • Swan neck swivel outlet CO-S-044.
  • Elbow connections CO-S-055-15.
  • Aerator CO-C-M22X1.

The most popular basins that are used with the Cobra 515/055-21 wall mounted elbow action medical tap are surgeon scrub sinks as seen below:

hygia vaal 703600 medical basin ceramic

Hygia wall hung medical basin with medical elbow operated tap – A modified version of the Cobra 515/055-21

sms mini surgeon mini scrub-up unit 352060 2630049

SMS Mini scrub, seen with the Cobra 508 medical mixer.

Wall mounted surgeon scrub up basin sink

Large wall mounted medical scrub units can use up to 4 Cobra 515/-51-21 elbow action taps

As been mentioned before, the tap is not a mixer, since the cold is on one side and hot water on the other. To protect users from burning their hands a thermostatic mixer should always be used. For hospitals, clinics, doctors rooms where the users wash for long periods the W-15/3 professional thermostatic mixer valve should be used.

mechanical hot cold mixing thermostatic valve

For single basins. Mechanical mixing. Hot and cold pressure and flow must be the same.

Industrial burn protection anti-scalding thermostatic mixing basin valve


Industrial thermostatic valve used in hospitals, clinics and surgeries

thermostatic valve hot cold water mixer mixing

Thermostatic hot cold mixer for single hand wash basins