Industrial factories are different from small scale commercial factories in that they are much harder on their equipment. Quite often there is also not adequate space allocated for various items and that is one of the reasons things break. One of the topics that comes up a lot is hand wash basin. Most basins installed years ago were ceramic, and they tend to chip and crack.  This makes them dangerous in the workspace. Any ceramic that is chipped or cracked has extremely sharp edges which is hazardous to the workers.

The latest trend is a stainless steel hand wash basin.  The advantage of a stainless steel hand wash basin is that it is durable (as long as it is made of grade 304 stainless steel) and hygienic. You can clean it with almost anything. The one hand wash basin that comes to mind is the Oval B wall hung basin made completely of grade 304 stainless steel.  Maybe not the best looking, but the most practical and designed with hygiene in mind. Interestingly this basin is not that deep.  The reason for this is that a manager can quickly see if anything is lying inside the basin that is either hazardous or unhygienic like dirty old cloths etc.

Taps can be installed either on top of the basin or against the wall.  The ideal types are metered taps which automatically close after eight seconds. As one can see in the image below, this hand wash basin is very simple with smooth edges for easy cleaning and a sturdy gallows bracket to attached it to a wall. Attaching it to dry wall is not recommended without an internal support structure.

oval a stainless steel basin wall hung franke

Oval A stainless steel basin with wall brackets. Suited for industrial applications such as factories and mining. One or two tap holes can be drilled into the base of the basin. Mostly used with wall mounted concealed metered basin valves and spouts.