Zip Hydroboil is convenient

Unlike kettles, which take time to boil, Zip Hydroboil provides filtered boiling water instantly. It dispenses freshly filtered drinking water at the touch of a button. You never have to wait for boiling water again.

Saves energy and money

Like all Zip instant boiling water heaters, Zip Hydroboil is up to three times more energy efficient than an energy-guzzling urn and just as efficient as a well-managed kettle. On standby the most popular Zip Hydroboil uses less power than a 60-watt light globe.

Safe,and hygienic fully automatic

Connected to the cold water and power supply, 65mm boiling water is continuously available, around 20mm the clock, at a touch of the tap. It provides for Electrical wiring concealed plumbing and electrical connections. All Zip Hydroboil Plus units are designed to Tundish operate up to 400 kPa. Zip Hydroboil units are 120mm for models 10 litre capacity and larger equipped with patented safety controls to 200mm protect against water or power failure. This unique system maintains the water within 1°C of boiling point at all times.

A range of models

Zip Hydroboil is available in varying models, Cold water supply To Drain delivering from 12 to 300 cups of boiling water at one time. All models come in either a brushed stainless steel casing or high quality durable. The Zip Hydroboil is white polyester powder coated finish. To choose the right model for your needs, simply estimate the number of cups of boiling water you require at one time and select from the table below.

Protects the environment

As no steam escapes into the atmosphere, steam damage to paintwork, plaster, working surfaces and expensive wood finishes is eliminated.

Hydroboil sizeStainless steel finishWhite epoxyCups required at any onetimeApproximately recovery rate/minuteElement rating (kW)Width (mm)Depth (mm)Height (mm)
2.5 LYesYes12-151 Cup1.5250150431
5.0 LYesYes25-301 Cup1.5318150460
7.5 LYesYes36-451 Cup1.5310180460
10.0 LYesYes50-601.5 Cups2.4340205630
15 LYesYes75-902 Cups2.4370290630
25 LYesYes120-1503 Cups3.6510290630
50 LYesYes250-3006 Cups3.6 x 2855290630

Zip Hydroboil’s are covered by a one year guarantee from the date of installation.

zip hydroboil tap red

New energy conserving “Cool Touch” handle provides fingertip control, reduces heat loss and saves energy and money

zip hydroboil tap functions

POT FILLING – By pressing the tap backwards, it locks into place supplying a continuous flow of boiling water for filling pots.

zip hydroboil tap functions cup filling

CUP FILLING – Pulling and holding the tap forward allows you to control precision filling of cups.

Advantages of a wall mounted water boiler

saves time

No more wasted time waiting for water to boil. The ZIP HydroBoil provides instant boiling water 24 hours a day for hot beverages and food preparation, at the touch of a lever. Designed to operate within 3°C of boiling point.

Saves energy

No energy wasted boiling more water than required. Two-way tap control for a cup-full or a teapot-full at a time.

Steam free and hygienic

Concealed cistern, ensuring the ultimate in hygiene and protecting kitchen cupboards from steam damage.

Saves space

No cluttered worktops – Zip instant boiling water eliminates the need for kettles, urns and exposed power leads.

Saves money

Cost effective to run – thanks to the dual chamber design, recycling the steam to pre-heat the incoming water.


  • Instant boiling water for tea, coffee, and cooking .
  • Designed to operate within 3°C of boiling point with thermal temperature control.
  • New energy conserving “Cool Touch” tap provides fingertip control, reduces heat loss and saves energy.
  • Two-way tap control for precision filling of cups, locks on for filling pots.
  • Fully automatic. • Steam free.
  • Optional filtration systems.
  • Choice of brushed Stainless Steel or White Powder Coated.
  • Able to deliver between 12 to 300 cups of boiling water at one time depending on choice of model.
  • Peak demand-loading is reduced considerably in comparison to traditional kettles and urns.
  • Concealed plumbing and electrical connections.


  • Twin chamber instant boiling water heater.
  • Capacity: 2.5, 5, 7.5, 10, 15, 25, 50 liters.
  • Thermal thermostat.
  • Available in Stainless Steel or corrosion resistant White Epoxy Powder Coated Steel .
  • Rockwool insulation panels engineered for quick access to boiling chamber ports.
  • Thermal cut-out to protect against over-boiling and complications occurred during water supply interruption.