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Soap characteristics for soap dispensers

The viscosity of the soaps should lie within the range from 1,000 – 10,000 cps (centipoises) . The viscosity of normal commercially available cream soaps and liquid soaps lies in this range so most commercial soaps can be used. Viscosity varies anyway, depending on the temperature, evaporation, thickening, etc. therefor bear in mind the local temperatures and don’t let the soap get old.  The general rule is that the soap should flow well at room temperature. The thicker the soap, the lower the dosing volume per stroke will be.

Refill for IR and Manual wall mounted soap dispensers

Use either 5 L or 25 L bulk refill. With or without anti-microbial action.

Ideal for factories, workshops and other industrial applications.

The unit is installed with three screws against a wall and can be easily removed for maintenance by releasing a small screw inside the soap container section (Just lift the small lid on top and the release screw will be visible at the back).

Do not use the following types of soaps!

  • Paste / soaps outside of the cited range of viscosity will clog up the mechanism.
  • Abrasive soaps
  • Aggressive soaps with acid content
  • Alcohol-based products (disinfectants)
  • Soap that coagulates or forms residues

Hand soap high foam with no fragrance. 5 L containers


Hand soap high foam with no fragrance and anti-microbial action. 25 L containers

hands soap refill bulk wholesale

Hand soap high foam with no fragrance. 25 L containers

hand soap refill antimicrobial no fragrance wholesale supplier africa

Hand soap high foam with no fragrance and anti-microbial action. 25 L containers

liquid soap refill hands wash

For soap refills please ask for Harmony Kleenhands Liquid. These refill bottles come in 5L. Order code RL-447.

The most common soap dispensers used in commercial and industrial applications such as in the food processing industry are wall mounted.  In some cases hands free soap dispensing is required so sensor type activation is used.  For general soap dispensing a push button is used that dispenses just the right amount of soap at a time.

Soap dispensers wall mounted hand wash encore affordable supplier south africa

RL-4 – Vertical / RL-7 Horizontal

automatic hands free soap dispenser

Hands free soap dispenser – RL-8

Franke RODX619 wall mounted soap dispenser

Franke RODX619 Manual wall mounted soap dispenser



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